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Surveying Subjective Phenomena Vol. 2

Catalog Record Details


Surveying Subjective Phenomena Vol. 2

Corporate Author:
Panel on Survey Measurement of Subjective Phenomena, Committee on National Statistics, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council.

Turner, Charles F.
Martin, Elizabeth

New York, NY : Russell Sage Foundation

Publication Year:

Social surveys.Social surveys--United States.Social sciences--Research--Methodology.

Call Number:
HN 29 .S74 1984

  • Measuring employment and unemployment. Bailar, Barbara A. Rothwell, Naomi D.. pp129-142.
  • Mass media, contraceptive behavior, and attitudes on abortion: toward a comprehensive model of subjective social change. Beniger, James R.. pp475-500.
  • Some statistical models for analyzing why surveys disagree. Clogg, Clifford C.. pp319-366.
  • Attitude measurement in psychology and sociology: the early years. Converse, Jean M.. pp3-39.
  • The manner of inquiry: an analysis of survey question form across organizations and over time. Converse, Jean M. Schuman, Howard. pp283-316.
  • Social desirability and survey measurement: a review. DeMaio, Theresa J.. pp257-282.
  • Rasch measurement: further examples and discussion. Duncan, Otis Dudley. pp367-403.
  • Measurement error in surveys. Lessler, Judith T.. pp405-440.
  • The popularity of presidents: 1963-80. MacKuen, Michael B. Turner, Charles F.. pp501-545.
  • Reality, the press, and citizens' political agendas. MacKuen, Michael B.. pp443-473.
  • Do polls affect what people think?. Marsh, Catherine. pp565-591.
  • Cultural indicators and the analysis of public opinion. Martin, Elizabeth. pp547-564.
  • Utility in economics: a survey of the literature. Meeks, J.G. Tulip. pp41-91.
  • Housing research: conceptual and measurement issues. Newman, Sandra J.. pp143-155.
  • The use of survey data in basic research in the social sciences. Presser, Stanley. pp93-114.
  • Nonattitudes: a review and evaluation. Smith, Tom W.. pp215-255.
  • The subjectivity of ethnicity. Smith, Tom W.. pp117-128.
  • Why do surveys disagree? Some preliminary hypotheses and some disagreeable examples. Turner, Charles F.. pp159-214.

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