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The Next Twenty-five (25) Years: Affirmative Action in Higher Education in the United States and South Africa

Catalog Record Details


The Next Twenty-five (25) Years: Affirmative Action in Higher Education in the United States and South Africa

David L. Featherman
Martin Hall
Marvin Krislov

Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press

Publication Year:

Copy 2

Higher education -- United States
Higher education -- South Africa
Affirmative action programs -- United States
Affirmative action programs -- South Africa

Call Number:
LA 227.4 .N97 2009

  • Affirmative Action and the U.S. Black Freedom Struggle . David J. Garrow. pp35-49.
  • The Struggle for National Liberation and the Attainment of Human Rights in South Africa. Neville Alexander. pp50-57.
  • Affirmative Action in Higher Education over the Next Twenty-five Years: A Need for Study and Action. Sandra Day O'Connor, Stewart J. Schwab. pp58-73.
  • From Redress to Empowerment: The New South African Constitution and Its Implementation. Judith February. pp74-86.
  • Social Justice and Postapartheid Higher Education in South Africa . Andre du Toit. pp87-109.
  • Affirmative Action and Higher Education in the Unites States and South Africa. Nancy Cantor, Jo Thomas. pp100-128.
  • Moving on Up? The Politics, Problems, and Prospects of Universities as Gateways for Social Mobility in South Africa. Jonathan D. Jansen. pp129-136.
  • Higher Education and the Labor Market in Postapartheid South Africa . Haroon Bhorat. pp137-143.
  • Retrenching Civil Rights: Mass Imprisonment in America. Bruce Western. pp144-154.
  • The Promise and Peril of the Texas Uniform Admission Law. Martha Tienda, Teresa A. Sullivan. pp155-174.
  • Admissions Policies and Challenges . Nan Yeld. pp175-186.
  • Race and Class in the South African Higher-Education Sector: A Focus on the Undergraduate Experience. Crain Soudien. pp187-195.
  • Benefits and Barriers: Racial Dynamics of the Undergraduate Experience. Sylvia Hurtado. pp196-207.
  • Diversity, Dialogue, and Democratic Engagement . Patricia Gurin, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, Akus O. Campanella. pp208-217.
  • Institutional Culture and Diversity: Engagement and Dialogue in a South African University. Martin Hall, Dorrian Aiken, Nazeema Mohamed. pp218-228.
  • Who Is "Getting Through" in South African? Graduate Output and the Reconstruction of the Formal Curriculum. Ian Scott. pp229-243.
  • Defining the Problem of Equity in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics . Jennifer Lewis, Deborah Lowenberg Ball. pp244-258.
  • Looking Back. Stuart Saunders. pp259-267.
  • The First Ten Years: The Role of Public Policy in Shaping Postapartheid Higher Education in South Africa. Naledi Pandor, Nasima Badsha. pp268-276.
  • The Role of Public Policy in Shaping Higher Education of the Twenty-first Century: Achieving Diversity, Excellence, and Equity in the Academy. Richard W. Riley, Judith Winston. pp277-285.
  • Racial Disparities and the Next Twenty-five Years: The Continued Need for Affirmative Action. Michael S. McPherson, Matthew A. Smith. pp286-296.
  • Beyond Equity Committees and Statistics . Elaine Salo. pp297-308.
  • Achieving Critical Mass: The Future of Gender and Higher Education in the United States. Abigail J. Stewart, Danielle LaVaque-Manty. pp309-316.
  • Democracy and the Choosing of Elites . Glenn C. Loury. pp317-333.
  • A Future Beyond "Race": Reflections on Equity in South African Higher Education. Glenn C. Loury. pp334-342.
  • The Challenge of the Next Twenty-five Years . Marvin Krislov. pp343-354.
  • Nothing Is Different, but Everything's Changes . Martin Hall. pp355-370.

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