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Calendar and Time Diary: Methods in Life Course Research

Catalog Record Details


Calendar and Time Diary: Methods in Life Course Research

Robert F. Belli
Frank P. Stafford
Duane F. Alwin

Los Angeles: Sage

Publication Year:

Social sciences -- Biographical methods.
Life cycle, Human -- Research -- Methodology.
Event history analysis.

Call Number:
H 61.29 .C35 2009

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  • Introduction: The Application of Calendar and Time Diary Methods in the Collection of Life Course Data. Robert F. Belli Duane F. Alwin Frank P. Stafford. pp1-10.
  • Timeline Data Collection and Analysis: Time Diary and Event History Calendar Methods. Frank P. Stafford. pp13-30.
  • The Emergence of Calendar Interviewing: A Theoretical and Empirical Rationale. Robert F. Belli Mario Callegaro. pp31-52.
  • The Timeline Followback: A Scientifically and Clinically Useful Tool for Assessing Substance Use. Sangeeta Agrawal Mark B. Sobell Linda Carter Sobell. pp57-68.
  • Adolescent Health Research and Clinical Assessment Using Self-Administered Event History Calendars. Kristy K. Martyn. pp69-86.
  • Assessment of Stressor Exposure Using Telephone Diaries: The Daily Inventory of Stressful Events. Elaine Wethington David M. Almeida. pp87-108.
  • Twenty-Four Hours: An Overview of the Recall Diary Method and Data Quality in the American Time Use Survey. Polly A. Phipps Margaret K. Vernon. pp109-128.
  • Application of the Life History Calendar Approach: Understanding Women's Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence Over the Life Course. Mieko Yoshihama. pp135-156.
  • Global and Episodic Reports of Hedonic Experience. Norbert Schwarz Daniel Kahneman Jing Xu. pp157-174.
  • Using Time Diaries to Study Instruction in Schools. Brian Rowan Eric M. Camburn Richard Correnti. pp175-190.
  • Reports of Life Events by Individuals at High Risk for Violence. Jennifer Roberts Edward P. Mulvey. pp191-206.
  • Time Use in Older Populations: Variation by Socioeconomic Status and Health. Michael D. Hurd Susann Rohwedder. pp207-224.
  • The Implementation of a Computerized Event History Calendar Questionnaire for Research in Life Course Epidemiology. Robert F. Belli Sherman A. James John Van Hoewyk Kristen H Alcser. pp225-238.
  • Protocol Compliance in Real-Time Data Collection Studies: Findings and Implications. Arthur A. Stone Joan E. Broderick. pp243-256.
  • An Evaluation Study on the Event History Calendar. Wil Dijkstra Johannes H. Smit Yfke P. Ongena. pp257-276.
  • Assessing the Validity and Reliability of TImeline and Event History Data. Duane F. Alwin. pp277-301.
  • Future Directions in Calendar and Time Diary Methods. Frank P. Stafford Robert F. Belli. pp307-315.

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