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Comparative Perspectives: Theories and methods

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Comparative Perspectives: Theories and methods

Amitai Etzioni
Fredric L. Dubow

Boston: Little, Brown and Company

Publication Year:

Social sciences -- Comparative method

Call Number:
H 61 .E9 1970

  • A Case for the Comaprative Method. Radcliffe-Brown, A. R.. pp17-24.
  • The Comparative Method in the Social Sciences. Sjoberg, Gideon. pp25-38.
  • Two Strategies of Comparison. Bloch, Marc. pp39-41.
  • The Diversity of Cultures. Benedict, Ruth. pp42-51.
  • A Comparative Study of Deviations from Sexual Mores. Brown, Julia S.. pp52-68.
  • New Perspectives in Comparative Anthropology. Wolf, Eric. pp69-71.
  • Anthropology and Comparative Studies: Some Early Developments. Eggan, Fred. pp72-78.
  • Recent Developments in Cross-National Research. Rokkan, Stein. pp79-93.
  • Family Structure and Educational Attainment: A Cross-National Analysis. Edler, Glen H.. pp94-115.
  • Marital Satisfaction and Instability: A Cross-Cultural Class Analysis of Divorce Rates. Goode, William J.. pp116-136.
  • Power and Alienation in a Comparative Perspective. Etzioni, Amitai. pp137-160.
  • Economic Development and Social Rigidity: A Comparative Study of the Forty-eight States. Young, Ruth C. Moreno, Jose A.. pp161-175.
  • A Note on Cross-Societal Propositions and American State Data. Silva, Edward T. . pp176-182.
  • A Note on Cross-Societal Propositions and American State Data: Reply. Young, Ruth C.. pp180-182.
  • The Comparative Study of National Societies. Hopkins, Terrence K. Wallerstein, Immanuel. pp183-204.
  • Two Methods of Comparison. Mill, John Stuart. pp205-212.
  • Family Phenomena in Two Contrasting Societies. Folsom, Joseph K.. pp213-224.
  • Contrasting Factors in the Modernization of China and Japan. Levy Jr., Marion J.. pp225-266.
  • The Social Areas of Rome: A Comparative Analysis. McElrath, Dennis C.. pp267-288.
  • Social Cleavage and Party Affiliation: Germany, Great Britain, and the United States. Janowitz, Morris Segal, David R.. pp289-310.
  • Preconditions of Development: A Comparison of Japan and Germany. Bendix, Reinhard. pp311-329.
  • Legal Evolution and Societal Complexity. Schwartz, Richard D. Miller, James C.. pp330-348.
  • Legal Evolution and Societal Complexity: Dynamic Inferences from Static Data. Udy, Stanley. pp344-346.
  • Legal Evolution and Societal Complexity: Reply. Schwartz, Richard D.. pp347-348.
  • Some Methodological Problems in Cross-National Research. Almond, Gabriel Verba, Sydney. pp349-364.
  • Cross-National Comparisons Using Aggregate Data. Scheuch, Erwin K.. pp365-384.
  • Problems of Translation and Meaning in Field Work. Phillips, Herbert P.. pp385-404.
  • Techniques for Determining Cultural Biases in Comparative Research. Campbell, Donald T.. pp405.

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