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Religion, Families, and Health: Population-Based Research in the United States

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Religion, Families, and Health: Population-Based Research in the United States

Christopher G. Ellison
Robert A. Hummer

New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press

Publication Year:

Medicine -- United States.
Families -- United States.
United States -- Religion.

Call Number:
BL 2525 .R4633 2010

Alternate Location:
New Acquisitions

  • 1) Introduction. Christopher G. Ellison Robert A. Hummer. pp1-18.
  • 2) Religion and the Timing of First Births in the United States. Lisa D. Pearce. pp19-39.
  • 3) Religion and Child Rearing. Duane F. Alwin Jacob L. Felson. pp40-60.
  • 4) Religion and Adolescent Sexual Behavior. Mark D. Regnerus. pp61-85.
  • 5) The Influence of Religion on Ties between the Generations. Valarie King. pp86-105.
  • 6) Religion and Family Values Reconsidered: Gender Traditionalism among Conservative Protestants. John P. Gartkowski Xiaohe Xu. pp106-125.
  • 7) From Generation to Generation: Religious Involvement and Attitudes toward Family and Pro-Family Outcomes among U.S. Catholics. Amy M. Burdette Teresa A. Sullivan. pp126-147.
  • 8) Religious Intermarriage and Conversion in the United States: Patterns and Changes over Time. Linda J. Waite Alisa C. Lewin. pp148-163.
  • 9) Childhood Religious Denomination and Early Adult Asset Accumulation. Lisa A. Keister. pp164-185.
  • 10) Religious Affiliation and Participation as Determinants of Women's Education Attainment and Wages. Evelyn Lehrer. pp186-205.
  • 11) Religion, Family, and Women's Employment among Muslim and Christian Arab Americans. Jen'nan Ghazal Read. pp206-228.
  • 12) Religion and Depressive Symptoms in Late Life. Neal Krause. pp229-247.
  • 13) Religion and Physical Health among U.S. Adults. Marc A. Musick Meredith G. F. Worthen. pp248-272.
  • 14) Religious Involvement and Mortality Risk among Pre-Retirement Aged U.S. Adults. Robert A. Hummer Maureen R. Benjamins Christopher G. Ellison Richard G. Rogers. pp273-291.
  • 15) Religious Attendance and Cause-Specific Mortality in the United States. Richard G. Rogers Patrick M. Krueger Robert A. Hummer. pp292-320.
  • 16) Race, Religious Involvement, and Health: The Case of African Americans. Christopher G. Ellison Robert A. Hummer Amy M. Burdette Maureen R. Benjamins. pp321-348.
  • 17) Jewish Identity and Self-Reported Health. Isaac W. Eberstein Kathleen M. Heyman. pp349-367.
  • 18) Religion, Sexually Risky Behavior, and Reproductive Health. Tim B. Heaton. pp368-384.
  • 19) Religion and the New Immigrants: Impact on Health Behaviors and Access to . Helen Rose Ebaugh. pp385-402.
  • 20) The Religious Demography of the United States: Dynamics of Affiliation, Participation, and Belief. Darren E. Sherkat. pp403-430.
  • 21) Future Directions in Population-Based Research on Religion, Family Life, and Health in the United States. Christopher G. Ellison Robert A. Hummer. pp431-454.

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