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Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives

Catalog Record Details


Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives

James P. Smith
Malay Majmundar

Washington, DC: National Academies Press

Publication Year:

Call Number:
HQ 1064 .E18 2012

  • 1) Introduction and Overview. James P. Smith Malay Majmundar. pp1-16.
  • 2) Preparing for Population Aging in Asia: Strengthening the Infrastructure for Science and Policy. James P. Smith. pp17-35.
  • 3) Longitudinal Aging Study in India: Vision, Design, Implementation, and Preliminary Findings. P. Aronkiasamy David Bloom Jinkook Lee Kevin Feeney Marija Ozolins. pp36-76.
  • 4) Population Aging, Intergenerational Transfers, and Economic Growth: Asia in a Global Context. Ronald Lee Andrew Mason. pp77-95.
  • 5) Facilitating Longer Working Lives: The Need, the Rationale, the How. David Wise. pp96-115.
  • 6) The Labor Supply and Retirement Behavior of China's Older Workers and Elderly in comparative Perspective. John Giles Dewan Wang Wei Cai. pp116-147.
  • 7) Relying on Whom? Poverty and Consumption Financing of China's Elderly. Albert Park Yan Shen John Strauss Yaohui Zhao. pp148-172.
  • 8) Retirement Process in Japan: New Evidence from the Japanese Study on Aging and Retirement (JSTAR). Hidehiko Ichimura Satoshi Shimizutani. pp173-206.
  • 9) Patterns and Correlates of Intergenerational Nontime Transfers: Evidence from CHARLS. Xiaoyan Lei John Giles Yuqing Hu Albert Park John Strauss Yaohui Zhao. pp207-228.
  • 10) Household Dynamics and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Indonesia: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey. Firman Witoelar. pp229-260.
  • 11) Social Networks, Family, and Care Giving Among Older Adults in India. Lisa F. Berkman T.V. Sekher Benjamin Capistrant Yuhui Zheng. pp261-278.
  • 12) Effects of Social Activities on Cognitive Functions: Evidence from CHARLS. Yuqing Hu Xiaoyan Lei James P. Smith Yaohui Zhao. pp279-308.
  • 14) Socioeconomic Success and Health in Later Life: Evidence from the CHARLS Pilot. John Strauss Hao Hong Xiaoyan Lei Lin Li Albert Park Li Yan Yaohui Zhao. pp342-370.
  • 15) Health of the Elderly in India: Challenges of Access and Affordability. Subhojit Dey Devaki Nambiar J.K. Lakshmi Kabir Sheikh K. Srinath Reddy. pp371-386.
  • 16) Markers and Drivers: Cardiovascular Health of Middle-Aged and Older Indians. Jinkook Lee P. Arokiasamy Amitabh Chandra Peifeng Hu Jenny Liu Kevin Feeney. pp387-414.
  • 17) Aging, Health and Chronic Conditions in China and India: Results from the Multinational Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE). Paul Kowal Sharon Williams Yong Jiang Wu Fan P. Arokiasamy Somnath Chatterji. pp415-437.
  • 18) Life Satisfaction of the Older Thai: Findings from the Pilot HART. Dararatt Anantanasuwong Udomsak Seenprachawong. pp438-450.

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