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Marriage at the Crossroads: Law, Policy, and the Brave New World of Twenty-First-Century Families

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Marriage at the Crossroads: Law, Policy, and the Brave New World of Twenty-First-Century Families

Marsha Garrison
Elizabeth S. Scott

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Publication Year:

Marriage -- United States
Marriage law -- Social aspects

Call Number:
HQ 536 .M3243 2013

Alternate Location:
New Acquisitions

  • 1) Red v. Blue Marriage. June Carbone Naomi Cahn. pp9-29.
  • 2) International Family Change and Continuity: The Past and Future from the Developmental Idealism Perspective. Arland Thornton. pp30-53.
  • 3) The Division of Household Labor across Time and Generations. Margaret F. Brinig. pp54-72.
  • 4) Marriage at the Crossroads in England and Wales. Rebecca Probert. pp73-86.
  • 5) The Curious Relationship of Marriage and Freedom. Katherine Franke. pp87-104.
  • 6) Institutional, Companionate, and Individualistic Marriages: Change over Time and Implications for Marital Quality. Paul R. Amato. pp107-125.
  • 7) Marriage and Improved Well-Being: Using Twins to Parse the Correlation, Asking How Marriage Helps, and Wondering Why More People Don't Buy a Bargain. Robert E. Emery Erin E. Horn Christopher R. Beam. pp126-141.
  • 8) Fragile Families: Debates, Facts, and Solutions. Sara S. McLanahan Irwin Garfinkel. pp142-169.
  • 9) Should Marriage Matter?. Ira Mark Ellman Sanford L. Braver. pp170-198.
  • 10) Forsaking No Others: Coming to Terms with Family Diversity. Judith Stacey. pp201-223.
  • 11) Why Marriage?. Suzanne B. Goldberg. pp224-240.
  • 12) Essential to Virtue? The Languages of the Law of Marriage. Carl E. Schneider. pp241-259.
  • 13) The Pluralistic Vision of Marriage. Shahar Lifshitz. pp260-284.
  • 14) The Growing Diversity of Two-Parent Families: Challenges for Family Law. Andrew J. Cherlin. pp287-302.
  • 15) Legal Regulation of Twenty-First-Century Families. Marsha Garrison Elizabeth S. Scott. pp303-326.

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