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The Oldest Old

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The Oldest Old

Suzman, Richard M.
Willis, David P.
Manton, Kenneth G.

New York, NY : Oxford University Press

Publication Year:

Copy 2

Call Number:
HV 1461 .O441 1992

  • 1) Introducing the oldest old. Suzman, Richard M. Manton, Kenneth G. Willis, David P.. pp3-14.
  • 2) A demographic portrait of America's oldest old. Taeuber, Cynthia M. Rosenwaike, Ira. pp17-49.
  • 3) Cohort succession and the future of the oldest old. Preston, Samuel H.. pp50-57.
  • 4) The paradox of the oldest old in the United States: an international comparison. Myers, George C. Torrey, Barbara Boyle Kinsella, Kevin G.. pp58-85.
  • 5) Conceptual issues in the design amd analysis of longitudinal surveys of the health and functioning of the oldest old. Manton, Kenneth G. Suzman, Richard M.. pp89-122.
  • 6) Observations on interview surveys of the oldest old. Wallace, Robert B. Kohout, Frank J. Colsher, Patricia L.. pp123-134.
  • 7) Collecting data about the oldest old: problems and procedures. Rodgers, Willard L. Herzog, A. Regula. pp135-156.
  • 8) Mortality and life expectancy changes among the oldest old. Manton, Kenneth G.. pp157-182.
  • 9) Causea of death among the oldest old. Hadley, Evan C.. pp183-196.
  • 10) Disability and mortality among the oldest old: implications for current and future health and long-term-care service needs. Manton, Kenneth G. Soldo, Beth J.. pp199-250.
  • 11) The oldest old and the use of institutional long-term care from an international perspective. Doty, Pamela J.. pp251-267.
  • 12) Epidemiology of disability in the oldest old. Cornoni-Huntley, Joan C., et al.. pp268-282.
  • 13) The impact of Alzheimer's disease in the United States population. Evans, Denis A., et al.. pp283-299.
  • 14) The Black oldest old: health, functioning, and informal support. Gibson, Rose C. Jackson, James S.. pp321-340.
  • 14) The social environment of the very old. Kovar, Mary Grace Stone, Robyn I.. pp303-320.
  • 16) The robust oldest old: optimistic perspectives for increasing healthy life expectancy. Suzman, Richard M., et al.. pp341-358.
  • 17) Making it last: economic resources of the oldest old. Atkins, G. Lawrence. pp359-377.
  • 18) Sharing increasing costs on declining income: the visible dilemma of the invisible aged. Torrey, Barbara Boyle. pp381-393.
  • 19) The oldest old and "intergenerational equity". Binstock, Robert H.. pp394-417.

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