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Improving Surveys with Paradata: Analytic Uses of Process Information

Catalog Record Details


Improving Surveys with Paradata: Analytic Uses of Process Information

Kreuter, Frauke

Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

Publication Year:

Surveys -- Statistical methods.
Social surveys -- Statistical methods.
Social sciences -- Research -- Statistical methods.

Call Number:
HA 31.2 .I47 2013

Alternate Location:
New Acquisitions

  • 1) Improving Surveys with Paradata: Introduction. Frauke Kreuter. pp1-9.
  • 2) Paradata for Nonresponse Error Investigation. Frauke Kreuter Kristen Olson. pp13-42.
  • 3) Collecting Paradata for Measurement Error Evaluations. Kristen Olson Bryan Parkhurst. pp43-72.
  • 4) Analyzing Paradata to Investigate Measurement Error. Ting Yan Kristen Olson. pp73-96.
  • 5) Paradata for Coverage Research. Stephanie Eckman. pp97-120.
  • 6) Design and Management Strategies for Paradata-Driven Responsive Design: Illustrations from the 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth. Nicole G. Kirgis James M. Lepkowski. pp123-144.
  • 7) Using Paradata-Driven Models to Improve Contact Rates in Telephone and Face-to-Face Surveys. James Wagner. pp145-170.
  • 8) Using Paradata to Study Response to Within-Survey Requests. Joseph W. Sakshaug. pp171-190.
  • 9) Managing Data Quality Indicators with Paradata Based Statistical Quality Control Tools: The Keys to Survey Performance. Matt Jans Robyn Sirkis David Morgan. pp191-230.
  • 10) Paradata as Input to Monitoring Representativeness and Measurement Profiles: A Case Study of the Dutch Labour Force Survey. Barry Schouten Melania Calinescu. pp231-258.
  • 11) Paradata in Web Surveys. Mario Callegaro. pp261-280.
  • 12) Modeling Call Record Data: Examples from Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Surveys. Gabriele B. Durrant Julia D'Arrigo Gerrit Müller. pp281-308.
  • 13) Bayesian Penalized Spline Models for Statistical Process Monitoring of Survey Paradata Quality Indicators. Joseph L. Schafer. pp309-338.
  • 14) The Quality of Paradata: A Literature Review. Brady T. West Jennifer Sinibaldi. pp339-360.
  • 15) The Effects of Errors in Paradata on Weighting Class Adjustments: A Simulation Study. Brady T. West. pp361-388.

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