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The following 40 items have been added to the PSC Library collection since 1/20/2014.


Women's Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000. Sara K. Head, Sally Zweimueller, Claudia Marchena, Elliott Hoel. 2014.
HQ 1240.5 .I61 2014. (New Acquisitions)

Pakistan: Demographic and Health Survey, 2012-13. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .P18 2013.

Bénin: Enquête Démographique et de Santé, 2011-2012. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .B45 2013.

Guinée: Enquête Démographique et de Santé et à Indicateurs Multiples (EDS-MICS), 2012. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 G92 2013.

Niger: Enquête Démographique et de Santé et à Indicateurs Multiples (EDSN-MICS IV) , 2012. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .N55 2013.

The Aging Population in Viet Nam: Current Status, Prognosis, and Possible Policy Responses. United Nations Population Fund. 2011.
HQ 1064 .V5 2011. (New Acquisitions)

The Changing Well-Being of Thai Elderly: An Update from the 2011 Survey of Older Persons in Thailand. John E. Knodel, Vipan Prachuabmoh, Napaporn Chayovan. 2013.
HQ 1064 .T1 2013. (New Acquisitions)

Madagascar: Enquête sur le Indicateurs du Paludisme, 2013. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .M28 2013.

Tajikistan: Demographic and Health Survey, 2012. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .T18 2013.

Jordan: Population and Family Health Survey, 2012. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 2013.
HB 3662 .A3 .J6 2013.

Global Aging: Comparative Perspectives on Aging and the Life Course. Suzanne R. Kunkel, J. Scott Brown, Frank J. Whittington. 2014.
RA 427.8 .K96 2014. (New Acquisitions)

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires. Ian McDowell. 2005.
RA 408.5 .M38 2005. (New Acquisitions)

New Directions in the Sociology of Aging. Panel on the New Directions in Social Demography, Social Epidemiology, and the Sociology of Aging, Linda J. Waite, Thomas J. Plewes. 2013.
HQ 1064 .U5 .N59 2013. (New Acquisitions) [On Loan - contact Library for recall]

Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: The Rise of Polarized and Precarious Employment Systems in the United States, 1970s to 2000s. Arne L. Kalleberg. 2011.
HD 5724 .K35 2011. (New Acquisitions) [On Loan - contact Library for recall]

Working Paper

Making the Demographic and Health Surveys Wealth Index Comparable. Shea O. Rutstein, Sarah Staveteig. 2014.
Location: Working Paper.

HIV Status and Cohabitation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thomas Pullum, Sarah Staveteig. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Indicators of Child Deprivation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Levels and Trends from the Demographic and Health Surveys. Mariano J. Kanamori, Thomas Pullum. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Contextual Influences of Modern Contraceptive Use Among Rural Women in Rwanda and Nepal. Wenjuan Wang, Soumya Alva, Rebecca Winter, Clara Burgert. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Female Genital Cutting: The Interpretation of Recent DHS Data. P. Stanley Yoder, Shanxiao Wang. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Guidelines on the Use of DHS GPS Data. Carolina Perez-Heydrich, Joshua L. Warren, Clara R. Burgert, Michael E. Emch. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Geographic Displacement Procedure and Georeferenced Data Release Policy for the Demographic and Health Surveys. Clara R. Burgert, Josh Colston, Thea Roy, Blake Zachary. 2013.
Location: Working Paper.

Vital Statistics

Trends in Out-of-Hospital Births in the United States. Marian F. MacDorman, T.J. Mathews, Eugene Declercq. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Primary Cesarean Delivery Rates, by State: Results From the Revised Birth Certificate, 2006-2012. Michelle J.K. Osterman, Joyce A. Martin, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Use and Characteristics of Electronic Health Record Systems Among Office-based Physician Practices: United States, 2001-2013. Chun-Ju Hsiao, Esther Hing. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Financial Burden of Medical Care: A Family Perspective. Robin A. Cohen, Whitney K. Kirzinger. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Source of Payment for the Delivery: Births in a 33-state and District of Columbia Reporting Area, 2010. Sally C. Curtin, Michelle J.K. Osterman, Sayeedha F. Uddin, Shae R. Sutton, Phyllis R. Reed, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

United States Life Tables, 2009. Elizabeth Arias, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Deaths: Leading Causes for 2010. Melonie Heron, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Fathers' Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006-2010. Jo Jones, William D. Mosher. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Concordance Between Survey Report of Medicaid Enrollment and Linked Medicaid Administrative Records in Two National Studies. Lisa B. Mirel, Alan E. Simon, Cordell Golden, Catherine R. Duran, Kenneth C. Schoendorf. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Infertility Service Use in the United States: Data From the National Survey of Family Growth, 1982-2010. Anjani Chandra, Casey E. Copen, Elizabeth Hervey Stephen. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Hypertension, Abnormal Cholesterol, and High Body Mass Index Among Non-Hispanic Asian Adults: United States, 2011-2012. Yutaka Aoki, Sung Sug Yoon, Yinong Chong, Margaret D. Carroll. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Physical Activity in U.S. Youth Aged 12-15 Years, 2012. Tala H.I. Fakhouri, Jeffery P. Hughes, Vicki L. Burt, MinKyoung Song, Janet E. Fulton, Cynthia L. Ogden. 2014.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Prescription Sleep Aid Use Among Adults: United States: 2005-2010. Yinong Chong, Cheryl D. Fryar, Qiuping Gu. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Psychotropic Medication Use Among Adolescents: United States: 2005-2010. Bruce S. Jonas, Qiuping Gu, Juan R. Albertorio-Diaz. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Trends in Insurance Coverage and Source of Private Coverage Among Young Adults Aged 19-25: United States, 2008-2012. Whitney K. Kirzinger, Robin A. Cohen, Renee M. Gindi. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Health Insurance Coverage and Adverse Experiences With Physician Availability: United States, 2012. Whitney K. Kirzinger, Renee M. Gindi, Robin A. Cohen. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Measures of Muscular Strength in U.S. Children and Adolescents, 2012. R. Bethene Ervin, Chia-Yih Wang, Cheryl D. Fryar, Ivey M. Miller, Cynthia L. Ogden. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Wireless Substitution: State-level Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey, 2012. Stephen J. Blumberg, Nadarajasundaram Ganesh, Julian V. Luke, Gilbert Gonzales. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.

Newly Released Data From the Revised U.S. Birth Certificate, 2011. Michelle J.K. Osterman, Joyce A. Martin, Sally C. Curtin, T.J. Mathews, Elizabeth C. Wilson, Sharon Kirmeyer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2013.
Location: Vital Statistics.