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ISR Publications 1945-95

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1.   Akiyama, Hiroko, Toni C. Antonucci, and Ruth Campbell. 1997. "Exchange and Reciprocity Among Two Generations of Japanese and American Women." Pp. 127-138 in Cultural Context of Aging: Worldwide Perspectives, edited by Sokolovsky, J. Westford, CT: Greenwood Press.

2.   Inglehart, Ronald. 1997. "Perceptions of Safety and Security at the University of Michigan: summary report of a survey of faculty, staff and students carried out for the Task Force on Campus Security." Ann Arbor, MI: Institute for Social Research. [Full Text]

3.   Nelson, Thomas E., Michele Acker, and Melvin Manis. 1996. "Irrepressible stereotypes." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 32(1): 13-38. [Full Text]

4.   Cohen, Dov, Richard E. Nisbett, Brian F. Bowdle, and Norbert Schwarz. 1996. "Insult, aggression, and the southern culture of honor: an "experimental ehtnography"." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 70(5): 945-960. [Full Text]

5.   Schul, Yaacov, Eugene Burnstein, and Anat Bardi. 1996. "Dealing with deceptions that are difficult to detect: encoding and judgment as a function of preparing to receive invalid information." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 32: 228-253. [Full Text]

6.   Forthofer, Melinda S., Ronald C. Kessler, Amber L. Story, and Ian H. Gotlib. 1996. "The effects of psychiatric disorders on the probability and timing of first marriage." Journal of Health and Social behavior 37: 121-132. [Full Text]

7.   Schwarz, Norbert. 1996. "Book Review: Allensbacher Jahrbuch der Demoskopie 1984-1992. vol. 9." International Journal of Public Opinion Research 8(1).

8.   Couper, Mick P., and Benjamin Rowe. 1996. "Evaluation of a computer-assisted self-interview component in a computer-assisted personal interview survey." Public Opinion Quarterly 60: 89-105.

9.   Cantor, David. 1996. "Book Review: Autobiographical Memory and the Validity of Retrospective Reports." Public Opinion Quarterly 60.

10.   Porter, Cornelia P., Deborah Oakley, David L. Ronis, and R. William Neal. 1996. "Pathways of influence on fifth and eighth graders' reports about having had sexual intercourse." Research in Nursing & Health 19: 193-204. [Full Text]

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