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ISR Publications 1945-95

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11.   Lusk, Sally L., David L. Ronis, and Leslie M. Baer. 1995. "A comparison of multiple indicators: Observations, supervisor report, and self-report as measures of workers' hearing protection use." Evaluation & the Health Professions 18(1): 51-63.

12.   Orbuch, Terri L., and Lindsay Custer. 1995. "The social context of married women's work and its impact on black husbands and white husbands." Journal of Marriage and the Family 57(May): 337-345. [Full Text]

13.   Schwarz, Norbert, and Hans-J. Hippler. 1995. "Subsequent questions may influence answers to preceding questions in mail surveys." Public Opinion Quarterly 59: 93-97. [Full Text]

14.   Singer, Eleanor, Dawn R. Von Thurn, and Esther R. Miller. 1995. "Confidentiality assurances and response: A quantitative review of the experimental literature." Public Opinion Quarterly 59(1): 66-77. [Full Text]

15.   Subar, Amy F., Jerianne Heimendinger, Blossom H. Patterson, Susan M. Krebs-Smith, Elizabeth Pivonka, and Ronald C. Kessler. 1995. "Fruit and vegetable intake in the United States: The baseline survey of the five a day for better health program." American Journal of Health Promotion 9(5): 352-360.

16.   Wallace, John M. 1995. "Race differences in adolescent drug use: Recent findings from national samples." African American Research Perspectives 1(1): 31-35.

17.   Warner, Lynn A., Ronald C. Kessler, Michael Hughes, James C. Anthony, and Christopher B. Nelson. 1995. "Prevalence and correlates of drug use and dependence in the United States." Archives of General Psychiatry 52(Mar): 219-229.

18.   Willimack, Diane K., Howard Schuman, Beth-Ellen Pennell, and James M. Lepkowski. 1995. "Effects of a prepaid nonmonetary incentive on response rates and response quality in a face-to-face survey." Public Opinion Quarterly 59(1): 78-92. [Full Text]

19.   Wittchen, Hans Ulrich, Ronald C. Kessler, Shanyang Zhao, and Jamie Abelson. 1995. "Reliability and clinical validity of UM-CIDI DSM-III-R generalized anxiety disorder." Journal of Psychiatric Research 29(2): 95-110. [Full Text]

20.   Veroff, Joseph, Elizabeth M. Douvan, and Shirley J. Hatchett. 1995. "Marital instability: A social and behavioral study of the early years." Westport, CT: Praeger.

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