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Social Science Journals: Resources for Authors

Contemporary Justice Review

"Contemporary Justice Review is an interdisciplinary journal for scholars, activists, and practitioners of social and restorative justice around the globe who seek to design and implement models of justice that take into account the needs of all. The journal publishes cutting-edge work on: social and restorative justice theory; restorative justice demonstration projects; peacemaking criminology; state crimes and healing from genocide; peaceful methods of conflict resolution; truth and reconciliation commissions; environmental justice; critiques of criminal justice institutions and law; structural issues of justice in the family, school, and workplace; utopian visions of a just society; and non-violent, needs-meeting solutions to needs-denying, power-based social arrangements.

The journal embraces a variety of formats: scholarly articles; electronic roundtable discussions; interviews on social and restorative justice; narrative histories on crime and punishment; film and book review essays; and justice watch statements on timely issues that affect the quality of life around the globe. The editors prefer articles written in engaging and accessible prose which avoid academic jargon and offer insights in how to foster justice in daily life." (From the publisher's site)

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