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Yan Fu, 763-2152
Lee Ridley, 763-2133

What we do

We provide one-on-one and group training sessions for faculty, researchers, staff and students on library research skills, online databases and NIH public access policy. Please feel free to drop in or schedule a group session. The following are examples of training we have provided. Contact us to schedule your own.

  • tutorial on doing a comprehensive lit search and importing retrieved citations into a bibliographic management software
  • training on available social science databases and search strategies
  • tutorial on the use of EndNote, Refworks or Zotero
  • group session on collaboration with EndNote Web
  • library research skills and campus resources orientation for your work-study students, UROP students, visiting scholars and collaborators
  • informational sessions on copyright and author's right
  • training on how to comply with NIH Public Access Policy
  • instruction on paper submission into PubMed Central
  • tutorial on various NIH bibliographic management tools