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Singh discusses her research in India on infertility

Johnston concerned declines in teen smoking threatened by e-cigarettes

Johnston says decreasing marijuana use among teens not easily explained

Frey discusses book Diversity Explosion

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in story on sending teams of poor kids to college

Xie's work on Asian-American children's school performance cited in story on parenting styles

Lam says improving U.S. economy may spur higher fertility, but if not, we shouldn't worry

Frey says politics are being reshaped by four demographic trends in the U.S.

Jadhav comments on recent government-sponsored sterilizations in India

Smock discusses the "new American family" on NPR

Pfeffer and colleagues re-examine impacts of community college attendance

Frey explains the minority-majority remapping of America

Bailey finds federally funded CHCs reduced mortality and health care costs for those 50+

Levy says older Americans may not enjoy benefits of web-based health information

Frey says predominance of older white GOP will fade in long term given shifting demographics

Bailey and Dynarski say women face worse labor market options without college degree

Stafford says exiting down stock market worsened position of low-income households

Bailey's work cited on growing income disparities in college enrollment and graduation

Murphy says mobile sensor data will allow adaptive interventions for maximizing healthy outcomes

Frey comments on why sunbelt metro area economies are still struggling

Krause says having religious friends leads to gratitude, which is associated with better health

Work by Bailey and Dynarski on growing income gap in graduation rates cited in NYT

Freedman says older husbands take cue from wives on relationship satisfaction

Johnston says marijuana use by college students highest in 30 years

Inglehart cited in story on perceived translational issues in World Values Survey

Shapiro says Twitter-based employment index provides real-time accuracy

Xie says internet censorship in China often reflects local officials' concerns

Cheng finds marriage may not be best career option for women

Lam discusses youth population dynamics and economics in sub-Saharan Africa

Work by Bailey and Dynarski cited in NYT piece on income inequality

Pfeffer says housing bubble masked decade-long growth in household net worth inequality

House, Burgard, Schoeni et al find that unemployment and recession have contrasting effects on mortality risk

Smock says cohabitation does not reduce odds of marriage

Smock cited in story on how low marriage rates may exacerbate marriage-status economic inequality

Frey says low turnover in House members related to lack of voter turnout among moderates

Shapiro says Americans' seemingly volatile spending pattern linked to 'sensible cash management'

Frey says net immigration larger among Asians than Hispanics

Work of Cigolle, Ofstedal et al. cited in Forbes story on frailty risk among the elderly

Pfeffer, Danziger, and Schoeni find uneven wealth gains in slow recovery from recession

Xie, Zhang, and Lai find China's contributions to science and technology surpass those of other nations

Clarke and Ailshire find air quality linked to cognitive decline in older adults

Willis and Rohwedder's report on retirement and cognition cited in NYT

Renne says polio eradication in Nigeria complicated by government-insurgent violence

Kimball's argument against paper currency cited in NYT column on ECB's negative interest rates

Shapiro comments of the value of Twitter data for gauging unemployment

Xie's work on inequalities in scientific research cited in CHE

Raghunathan discusses importance of research for university students in India

Smock says half of all U.S. cohabiting couples end up marrying, 40% break up, 10% cohabit long term

Xie and Zhou study cited in WSJ story on China's political efforts to reduce income gap

Frey says Millennials are 'mired' when it comes to residential moves

Stafford says some Americans have used retirement accounts unwisely

Xie and Hsin say culture of achievement helps Asian Americans outperform white students

Karraker finds divorce after age 50 more common when wives fall ill than when husbands do

Willis and Hsu find dementia impacts financial decision making among Americans over 50

Xie finds rapid increase in Chinese rich-poor income gap

Prescott says workplace bullying not illegal in itself

Lam looks at population and development in next 15 years in UN commission keynote address

Mitchell et al. find harsh family environments may magnify disadvantage via impact on 'genetic architecture'

Frey says Arizona's political paradoxes explained in part by demography

Frey says rural U.S. populations shrinking

Johnston says effectiveness of anti-drug ad campaigns undermined by lack of funding

Inglehart cited in piece on association between wealth and happiness

Freedman finds caring for husband adds to wife's happiness

Yang says migrants who attend motivational talk make better financial decisions

Karraker says sexual activity signals psychological and physical well-being among older couples

Bound and Turner say larger college-age cohorts lead to lower per-student spending and reduced graduation rates

Fomby says stepfathers/father figures less likely to invest in children than biological fathers in intact families

Rodriguez, Bound and Geronimus say infant mortality rates fluctuate by presidential party relative to general downward trend

McEniry says well-intentioned public health interventions decades ago may cause problems for elderly in developing countries

Kruger finds differences in how men and women characterize infidelity

Bailey says War on Poverty helped the poor on several fronts

Kruger finds larger gender gaps in mortality rates in highly patriarchal societies

Frey says large percent of well-educated movers to large U.S. cities are from Asia and Europe

Terry-McElrath, O'Malley, and Johnston find link between energy drink consumption and substance use among teens

Bachman says teens should avoid working long hours during high school

Burgard says upside of recession may be a decline in mortality

Farley says Detroit's tax base must be expanded for the city to rise from bankruptcy

Levy says changing ACA requirements would prompt employers to reduce F-T employee hours to avoid providing insurance

Farley looks at why so many Michigan metro areas have fallen into emergency-manager status

Smock discusses gendered division of domestic duties

Moaddel, Thornton et al collect data on appropriate dress for Middle Eastern women

Bailey says we need to embrace successes and learn from failures of War on Poverty

Frey projects demographic trends for 2014

Bailey says War on Poverty programs are investments in nation's future

Kimball cited in criticism of WSJ column by Bret Stephens that 'trashes Obama'


Frey says U.S. population growing at lowest rate since Great Depression

Study by Freedman et al subject of NYT piece on how seniors cope with limitations

Farley says lack of tax base will keep Detroit down

Johnston says long-term declines in teen smoking significant

Kruger says 'male scarcity' drives conditions that lead to youth violence

Johnston says more teens recognize dangers of synthetic marijuana

Freedman et al. find 69% of older adults need some type of assistance with daily activities

Smock says focus on family stalls working women's careers in gender-biased workplace

Kimball cited in Atlantic piece on most important economic stories of 2013

Smock says glass ceiling still intact, despite women's workplace gains

Kimball says governments should recognize potential of Bitcoin

Kruger says much looting after Philippines storm driven by need, not greed

Axinn, Sastry, Weir and Compernolle among U-M delegation to India's NCAER

Kimball says negative nominal interest rates plus electronic money can smooth economy

Frey says lull in young adult migration may prove to be "new normal"

DeWitt says opportunity-enhancing effects of racial diversity hard to establish

Danziger cites unequal benefits of growing economy as reason for high U.S. poverty

Levy and Buchmueller say ACA subsidies will make health care system more fair and efficient

Findings by Patrick, Schulenberg, O'Malley, Johnston et al. cited in Fox News piece

Stephens and Charles say employment has negative association with voter turnout

Bailey's work cited on how family planning impacts lives of women, children, and families

Smock and Lavelle's study cited in story on how ACA may spur divorce

Krause awarded $8 million to study links between religion and health

Kruger weighs in on Nobel Prize categories

Smock says notion of being engaged has become 'flexible'

Morenoff discusses new Michigan law that reclassifies some shoplifting from misdemeanor to felony (audio)

Bailey and Danziger's book cited in Nation story on interpreting the new Census data on poverty

Frey discusses how the Census Bureau's ACS paints a rich picture of America's current situation (audio)

Levy's work cited in story on balancing coordination and competition in health care reform

Danziger says we must recognize success of antipoverty programs while improving employment for poor

Neidert says mean age at first childbirth varies in the U.S. by state, affecting regional fertility rates

Levy says Detroiters' pain of losing retiree health benefits will be softened by insurance exchanges

Neidert and Lesthaeghe's analyses cited in NYT piece on shifts in U.S. voting patterns

Burgard says working conditions drive mental health disparities seen in mid-life adults

Neidert discusses U.S. fertility rates and trends on PRI

Danziger and Pollack question House proposal to allow states to drug test SNAP recipients

Stafford says stock market declines discourage retirement saving

Wodtke finds inconsistencies among intelligent whites between expressed attitudes and support for policies on racial integration

Smith looks at why 25% of students select colleges that don't match their qualifications

Smock quoted in Time cover story on rising childlessness in America

Farley interviewed on what's gone wrong in Detroit and how Michigan is dealing with it

Xie discusses China Family Panel Studies in WSJ

Rachel Snow presents findings to UN from ICPD Global Report

Seefeldt discusses rise in U.S. child poverty

Farley comments on Michigan residents' low 'well-being'

Kruger says health care official tours of Flint reveal "different sort of world"

Frey says more deaths than births among white Americans signals big demographic shifts

Frey says young white Americans will play smaller role in the nation's demographic future

Bound's work cited in look at how retirement affects health and life expectancy

Kimball joins debate regarding Reinhart-Rogoff finding on public debt and low growth rate

Krause says optimism higher in older people who believe others are praying for them

Terry-McElrath, O'Malley and Johnston find association between school drug testing and increased use of illicit drugs other than marijuana

MTF researchers find availability of soft drinks at high schools increases consumption among black students

Geronimus discusses causes, potential solutions to racial disparities in infant mortality

Bailey and Dynarski cited in piece on why quality education should be a "civil and moral right"

Kalousova and Burgard find credit card debt increases likelihood of foregoing medical care

Bachman says findings on teens' greater materialism, slipping work ethic should be interpreted with caution

Pierotti finds shift in global attitudes on intimate partner violence

Kruger says use of mobile phones may interfere with human interactions

Bachman says minority high school students employed part time work longer hours, fare better than white counterparts

Cheng and Xie find high school size effects likelihood of interracial friendships

Smock says many find cohabitation a 'legitimate family form'

Kimball says Bernanke is a hero of the financial crisis

Johnston says legalization of medical marijuana may affect teens' views on pot use

Seefeldt says poverty rate at highest level in 15 years

Elliott says blood lead levels tied to academic performance among Detroit students

Harding uses HBO's "The Wire" as context for teaching about urban public policy

Bachman says employment of more than 15 hours per week linked to problems for high school students

Smock discusses why married people tend to be wealthier

Stafford finds shrinking proportion of labor force with retirement accounts

Kimball interviewed by CNBC on why U.S. should have sovereign wealth fund

Seefeldt finds Detroit single mothers juggle debt in complicated ways

Frey says national rise in between-county moves signals better economic times

Frey says RI likely to lose another House seat in 2020


Frey says drop in Hispanic birth rate driven by more than recession

Bailey and Dynarski cited in NYT story on the growing role of higher education in class divides

Johnston attends NIDA press conference to address 2012 MTF report findings

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in Atlantic story on growing educational inequality

Johnston says 1% decline in teen smoking translates into significant decrease in premature deaths

Johnston calls downward trend in teen smoking 'striking'

Kimball talks paperless money, negative interest, investing vs. saving, quantitative easing

Burgard comments on study linking unemployment and heart attacks among older workers

Work by Burgard, Brand, and House cited in Atlantic piece on recession and health

Lavelle and Smock assess impact of divorce on women's health insurance coverage

House discusses role of stress in women's shrinking lifespans

Inglehart's pioneering work cited in Economist piece on national trends and GOP's future

Neidert tweets from NPR on election night

Stidham-Hall says depression, stress decrease proper use of birth control

Freedman says disability prevalence varies by age group among older population

Danziger comments on the influence of 'racialized rhetoric' in presidential campaigning

Burgard interviewed for RWJF Human Capital Blog

Danziger participates in NYT online debate on inequality and the economy

Best says U.S. medical research funding affected by social advocacy

Bailey's work on the efficacy of federal family planning programs covered in LSA Magazine

Nicholas says advance directives help ensure preferred EOL care in all localities (online forum)

Danziger ties Michigan's rise in poverty to slow economic recovery (audio)

Danziger says slow recovery to bad recession has increased poverty in Michigan

Barber says parents give less to their unintended children

Danziger says growth of low-paying sectors and shrinking high-paying industries are bringing down median incomes

Levy finds smoking ban has no significant economic impact on bars, restaurants

Pfeffer says social mobility in US tied to parental wealth

Burgard et al. find job insecurity has negative health impact on workers

Seefeldt, Burgard, and Danziger look at fighting poverty in Detroit

Pfeffer et al. find increase in college completion rates among disadvantaged students attending 2-year colleges

Panapasa highlights need to understand health disparities of Pacific Island population in US

Danziger comments on disparities in recent US disemployment

Li says friendships and family contacts important to well-being at midlife

Xie and Killewald's recent book discussed in Science news

Frey says Obama compaign should note importance of black voters in swing states

Pfeffer discusses importance of preschool exposures to educational outcomes

Farley comments on "black flight" from Detroit and other rust belt cities

Xie says high Asian immigration rates reflect demand for technical skills in U.S. job market

Xie and Killewald say American science still strong

Frey says baby boomers not ready for America's new demographics

Johnston says US teens smoke and drink less, but do more drugs, than European teens

Burgard and Ailshire find family relations impact sleep

Danziger says U.S. exceptional among rich countries in its tolerance of poverty

Levy blogs on economic and policy misunderstandings in Supreme Court arguments on health care legislation

Bailey's research cited in discussion of impact of family planning programs

Frey says U.S. at multiethnic tipping point as white births no longer a majority

Stafford, Schoeni, and Chen find many Americans making little headway against debt

Wightman says parents more likely to financially support agreeable young adult children

Wightman and Schoeni find most young adults helped financially by parents

Johnston says decline in perceived risk contributes to rise in marijuana use among teens

Patrick calls increase in newborns undergoing drug withdrawal a public health epidemic

Danziger discusses use of IRS data in trend analyses of income distribution

Gough and Killewald's work cited in Forbes piece on benefits of marriage for women

Smock says cohabitation may be keeping divorce rates steady

Bailey says women more likely than men to attend college

Inglehart and World Values Survey cited in WSJ Op Ed on global happiness indicators

Bailey and Hershbein say women's access to pill raised their earnings

MTF cited in AP story on young adults' concerns about environmental issues

Johnston says new findings show continued decline in teen smoking

Bailey and Hershbein find women's access to pill raised their earnings

Wodtke finds better educated no more likely to support workplace affirmative action

Anderson interviewed on treatment of drinking water in rural South Africa

Frey tells NYT unmarried boomers face greater economic hardships than married counterparts

Levy featured in story on U-M faculty advisors to White House

Frey says age of senior citizen status a "gray area"

Lavelle speaks with PRI about women's post-divorce health insurance coverage

Smock and Greenland's work cited in NYT story on nonmarital childbirth

Farley's Detroit website referenced in NYT piece on Santorum's visit to city

Smock comments on Millennials' approach to romantic relationships in Monitor cover story

Weir says years near end of work life best time for retirement savings (USN&WR)

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in NYT story on growing rich-poor education gap

Smock and Lavelle's work on divorce and health insurance cited in Journalist's Resource

Danziger sees vulnerability in safety net for very poor

Farley and Frey question new findings on urban racial residential segregation

Sastry says new findings point out need for focus on mental health in natural disasters

Levy discusses federally mandated state health insurance exchanges

Frey says child population declined in U.S. 2010-2011

Farley's 2011 Contexts article on residential segregation discussed in Jan/Feb 2012 Utne Reader


Danziger cited in Huffington Post review of 2011

Groves says U.S. growth rate lowest since baby boom; Michigan loses population

Neidert comments on erosion of household tax base in Illinois over last 15 years

Frey says upcoming retirees "may not run with the herd," but many will still move to Florida

Danziger sees dismal prospects for poor and near-poor in U.S.

Burgard's work on women's nighttime caregiving cited in Post column on "midnight moms"

Latest MTF survey results: pot and K2 use up, alcohol and cigarette use down among teens

Frey comments on voting implications of growing income gap among blacks

Bailey and Dynarski find women outpace men in educational attainment, especially at highest income level

Smock says education, finances, age more important factors in divorce risk than premarital cohabitation

Bailey says income drives college graduation rates, which drive rich-poor income gap

Frey says recession and mortgage meltdown has checked residential mobility

Bailey sees spike in rich-poor college completion gap since 1990s

Danziger comments on average vs. relative income mobility in U.S.

Danziger says widening age wealth gap especially hard on low-income students

Bailey says state spending on family planning yields later Medicaid savings

Lam says we should not be afraid to celebrate birth of 7 billionth child

Lam says 7 billionth child almost surely better off than 6 billionth

Lam discusses sustainability for the world at 7 billion with John Hockenberry (audio)

Lam discusses implications of innovation for population growth in Post story

Frey tells Post DC has become magnet for people aged 25 to 34

DeWitt maps five places where the rich got richer, 2008-2010

Schoeni discusses AJPH article on early childhood links to mid-life health

Wodtke and Harding look at effects of childhood neighborhood on high school graduation rates

Inglehart's World Values Survey work cited in NPR piece on the happiest places on Earth

Nicholas discusses end of life issues on public radio

Wodtke and Harding find growing up in poor neighborhood has large and lasting impacts

Nicholas et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life

Harding and his work profiled by ISR

Smock's work cited in piece on how unemployment affects 'decisions of the heart'

Hermalin and Lowry find surprising smoking pattern for Chinese women

Danziger says Obama's job package will help address poverty in Michigan

Frey tells NYT more children in poverty now than since 1962

Danziger sees increase in working poor given high unemployment and resistance to raising minimum wage

Danziger says Heritage Foundation's conservative commentator very influential with Republicans

Bailey finds federal programs helped reduce births among poor women in the 1960s and 70s

Smock says rising age of marriage in U.S. reflects new family formation trends

Smock comments on 'stayover' relationships in NYT

Bound notes social and health benefits of work-related activity for seniors

Padela, RWJ Clinical Scholar, finds religion shapes health care beliefs among US Muslims

Barber's survey method of 'ask less more often' cited as example for UX research

Norton finds insecurity over weight hinders women in workplace

Lam says fears of 'Population Bomb' unfounded in 2011

Geronimus says social stressors account for racial disparities in health among women and infants

DeWitt maps racial residential segregation in Westchester country

Shapiro finds only 13% of households spend extra take-home pay from stimulus tax cuts

Frey discusses U.S. trend toward "minority majority" on NPR

Frey says white middle-class Americans a shrinking population

R. Thornton and colleagues explore link between education and democratization

Cooke, RWJ clinical scholar, finds racial disparities in advanced treatment for heart attack

Galea says more deaths attributable to poverty, social factors than common diseases

Dorius says prevalence of multiple-partner fertility a factor in men having later life children

Yang discusses motivations behind food subsidies in developing countries

Lam says increased food production, education eased effects of population growth

Shapiro comments on Michigan's fiscal circumstances, credit rating

Bound says declines in low-skill jobs driving losses in men's labor force participation rates

Inglehart's work cited in piece on role of disease in democratization

DeWitt cited in story on Grand Rapids' inclusion on 'dying cities' list

Lam says nation's shrinking share of global population not cause for alarm

Norton comments on employment penalties for overweight women

Conrad, Groves, and colleagues look at characteristics of persuasive speech

Bachman says part-time work during high school linked to lower college completion rates

Xie cited in NYT on China's changing population

Dorius participates in NPR discussion of multiple partner families

Neidert assesses community shifts in child populations in Michigan

Dynarski says student loan debt represents healthy investment

Bound says disabled shouldn't be blamed for inability to work, need for DI benefits

Lam cited in discussion of world population changes over past 60 years - Portuguese

Lam says food production, urbanization, education mitigated "population bomb"

Dorius studies U.S. mothers who have children with more than one man

Dorius finds 1 in 5 U.S. mothers have children with more than one man

Dorius discusses multiple-partner fertility study in Business Week

Dorius says raising children with different fathers may transmit disadvantage

Weir finds the conscientious earn more

DeWitt maps urban racial segregation in Salon

Weir finds the conscientious earn more, save more for retirement

Frey discusses Hispanic boom, migration of blacks on PBS News Hour

Neidert says U-M jobs helped fuel county-level population growth

Frey discusses urban-suburban, north-south shifts in African American population

Frey says black populations in large Northern cities shifting to suburbs and South

Frey comments on exodus of Detroit's blacks to suburbs

Farley describes rise of Detroit's middle class in Atlantic story

Frey discusses evidence of Hispanic dispersion, black migration in census data

Geronimus and Bound find high death rates persist for black Americans in 2000

Bachman says students who work more than 15 hours a week less likely to complete college

Burgard says women 2.5 times more likely than men to interrupt sleep to care for others

Burgard discusses the real night shift in Post story

Smock says men and women differ on reasons for cohabiting

Zulman, RWJF Clinical Scholar, says older adults often excluded from clinical trials

Farley comments on challenge of identifying race in a highly multiracial society

Geronimus says US cultural influences dampen gains in life expectancy seen in other high-income nations

Frey comments on Michigan's declining birth rate

Kottak explores recent changes in the "very nature of humans"

Shapiro comments on new Federal Reserve findings in NYT

Burgard says women's nighttime caregiving, lack of sleep may affect career at critical period

Rhode says temperature shifts nothing new to U.S. farmers in NYT story on wheat frontier


Neidert discusses population shifts revealed in Census data

PSC projections cited in Atlantic piece on apportionment

Frey discusses decline in black-white segregation in large metro areas

Frey says new data show national trend toward greater racial integration

Freedman documents connection between neighborhood and cancer among older men and women

Frey says recent Census data show "idea of postracial America has a way to go"

Willis finds handing over family finances to husbands weak in numeracy skills is costly

Neidert discusses migration, reapportionment, and 2010 census data

Burgard finds gender differences in nighttime caregiving

Neidert says census participation rates for U-M students compare favorably to rates at other Big Ten schools

Inglehart says social intolerance linked to national corruption

Willis and colleagues find link between numeracy skills and family wealth

Smock comments on unmarried mothers and cohabitation in NYT article

Sastry finds maternal reading skill huge factor in young children's school success

Sastry finds mothers' reading skills greatest determinant of children's academic success

Inglehart cites shifts in political culture as factor in elections

Nicholas finds disparity between process and outcome measures for high-risk surgeries

Nicholas finds disparity between process and outcome measures for high-risk surgeries

Danziger comments on severity of recession among middle-income families

Willis notes importance of comparable datasets to study of elderly cognition worldwide

Willis discusses link between retirement and memory

Frey says recession has left Americans uncharacteristically "flat-footed"

Smock comments on cohabitation and divorce in Newsweek

Danziger weighs in on shrinking role of welfare

Brown comments on claims about the economic impact of small business

Danziger says U.S. poverty policies don't adequately address growing income gap

Smock says federal data show no negative effect for cohabitation on marriage

Danziger says Census Bureau report on poverty rates less dire than expected

Frey comments on changes in child poverty evidenced in latest census data

Jacob's work on impact of No Child Left Behind noted in Post

Johnston says decade-long period of decline in marijuana use has reversed

Geronimus cited for work on "weathering" in CHE article

Yang's work on migrant remittances yields place on U-M innovative ideas list

Killewald and Gough comment on wife-vs.-husband housework time

Harding says fear of victimization spurs violence among inner-city youth

Lantz says those seeking remediations for premature death should look beyond obesity

Slemrod cited in National Review piece on short- and long-term effects of changing tax rates

Kaplan to lead Network on Inequality, Complexity, and Health

LeClere comments on value of shared data

Bound contributes to page turner for higher ed wonks on globalization and American universities

Clarke finds chronically overweight have more socioeconomic problems

Harding interviewed on teen turf violence in Boston - video

Clarke finds chronically overweight have more health and socioeconomic problems

Clarke finds socioeconomic consequences of being over weight

Weir says new data will yield better comparisons in NFL dementia study

Geronimus and Low cited in piece on evolutionary theory and early childbearing among poor

Pienta says childlessness doesn't signal unhappiness among women in their 40s

Burgard comments on survey results showing shifts in time use among unemployed

Wildeman underscores program's potential for children of imprisoned fathers

Lowry studies aging in China - video

Xie says CFPS will transform social science while tracking shifts in fastest-changing nation

Neidert says growing areas of US reflect nationwide trend toward minority majority

Harding finds dangerous neighborhoods fuel youth violence

Smock views Gores' split in generational context

Sasson says neighborhood affects chance of surviving cardiac arrest

Clarke finds benefits for aging populations in enabling urban environments

Harding's book maps patterns of violence in poor Boston neighborhoods

Frey reports on continued economic declines in Metro Detroit

Frey says low residential mobility rates signal economic woes

Schoeni says parental support of adult children has increased over past 3 decades

Sullivan says returns to higher education go far beyond earnings

Stafford part of DC team demonstrating societal benefits of NSF funding

Xie discusses 'mammoth' China survey to document changing society

Bound et al. find time to BA degree a matter of resources rather than preparedness

Freedman says uptick in middle-age disability suggests need for prevention, early intervention

Neidert urges census participation on U-M campus

Brand and Xie find benefits of college graduation may be highest for disadvantaged students

Groves in Daily Show interview: 'Have you looked at the form?' - video

Groves wins praise for Census leadership so far

Post-doc Lowry looks at implications of China's 'grey tide' in rural village

U-M Census video ads push student participation

Neidert quantifies cost of low census response rates

Neidert highlights purpose, significance of Census

Courant discusses digital age scholarly publishing - video

Johnston discusses 35-year history of MTF with long-time respondent

Johnston says anti-obesity campaign should alter approach used in stop-smoking offensive

Johnston's findings on effectiveness of anti-smoking campaign among teens suggests potential for anti-obesity campaign

Groves says future censuses will use variety of collection methods

Neidert discusses census undercount among college students - audio

Frey discusses 2010 census on NPR's Diane Rehm Show - audio

Smock quoted in NYT article about living together and marriage

Smock says NCHS report supports no negative effect of cohabitation on marriage

Levy cited on mortality effects of Medicare in The Atlantic

Levy says Medicare increases use of health care, but has no effect on mortality

Kaplan and Lantz among 'impressive group' of experts urging Congress to pass reform bill

Danziger, Burgard, Schoeni and colleagues to study economy's effects on families in SE Michigan

Burgard's work cited in NYT story on heath effects of plant closing

Courant lends support to Google book settlement in federal court

Pienta's work on how stimulus funding affects social science research featured in SA

Frey debunks 5 myths on 2010 census and nation's population

Smock says tough economic times can test marital relations as more women enter workforce

Neidert underscores importance of 2010 Census in Michigan

Courant comments on open access for "orphan works" in Google Book Search case

Groves counts first household in Census 2010 enumeration

Smock comments on the economy and gender roles in AP story

Kimball cited in WSJ story on interest rates' role in housing bubble