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H. Luke Shaefer and colleagues argue for a universal child allowance

Hindustan Times points out high value of H-1B visas for US innovation, welfare, and tech firm profits

Novak, Geronimus, Martinez-Cardoso: Threat of deportation harmful to immigrants' health

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Heather Ann Thompson wins Pulitzer Prize for book on Attica uprising

Lam explores dimensions of the projected 4 billion increase in world population before 2100

ISR's Nick Prieur wins UMOR award for exceptional contribution to U-M's research mission

How effectively can these nations handle outside investments in health R&D?

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Richer data on life transitions after age 55

Tracking dementia in America

Michigan Retirement Research Center focuses on Social Security policy

1940 census data provide early life information to 5 longitudinal studies

Gene-environment interactions and age-related memory decline

Elective surgery for Medicare recipients

Elective surgery for Medicare recipients

Advance directives and end-of-life care

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Lam says Health and Retirement Study is one of the most important surveys in the world

Weir et al. find cumulated childhood traumas linked to cellular aging

HRS to collect new data on the aging immune system, dementia, and late boomers

Weir's 2009 report on NFL brain injuries got more attention than neurological findings published in 2005

Weir says pain may underlie rise in suicide and substance-related deaths among white middle-aged Americans

Axinn, Sastry, Weir and Compernolle among U-M delegation to India's NCAER

Weir says years near end of work life best time for retirement savings (USN&WR)

Nicholas et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life

Weir finds the conscientious earn more

Weir finds the conscientious earn more, save more for retirement

Weir says new data will yield better comparisons in NFL dementia study

Weir testifies on findings from study of retired NFL players

Research by Weir, Jackson, and Sonnega on retired NFL players reported in NYT

Weir looks at work expectations among older Americans

Weir, Ofstedal, Willis et al. find one in three over 70 has memory loss

Weir cited in story on why overall health may be lower among boomers than their parents

Honors & Awards

Nicholas, Langa, Iwashyna, and Weir win award for JAMA paper

David Weir elected to Board of Directors of the Population Association of America


Langa, Larson, Crimmins, Faul, Levine, Kabeto, and Weir report on decreasing prevalence of dementia among Americans in JAMA

Langa, Faul, Weir et al report on decreasing prevalence of dementia among Americans in JAMA