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Shaefer and Edin's book ($2 a Day) cited in piece on political debate over plight of impoverished Americans

Eisenberg tracks factors affecting both mental health and athletic/academic performance among college athletes

Shapiro says Americans' low spending reflects "cruel lesson" about the dangers of debt


Susan Murphy elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Maggie Levenstein named director of ISR's Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

Arline Geronimus receives 2016 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award

PSC spring 2016 newsletter: Kristin Seefeldt, Brady West, newly funded projects, ISR Runs for Bob, and more

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Pamela Smock - Honors, Media, and Features


Divorce and women's health insurance

Changing patterns in U.S. families and fertility

In the News

Smock says domestic inequality maintained by view that male partners 'help out' around the house

Smock discusses the "new American family" on NPR

Smock says cohabitation does not reduce odds of marriage

Smock cited in story on how low marriage rates may exacerbate marriage-status economic inequality

Smock says half of all U.S. cohabiting couples end up marrying, 40% break up, 10% cohabit long term

Smock discusses gendered division of domestic duties

Smock says glass ceiling still intact, despite women's workplace gains

Smock says focus on family stalls working women's careers in gender-biased workplace

Smock and Lavelle's study cited in story on how ACA may spur divorce

Smock says notion of being engaged has become 'flexible'

Smock quoted in Time cover story on rising childlessness in America

Smock says many find cohabitation a 'legitimate family form'

Smock discusses why married people tend to be wealthier

Lavelle and Smock assess impact of divorce on women's health insurance coverage

Smock says cohabitation may be keeping divorce rates steady

Smock and Greenland's work cited in NYT story on nonmarital childbirth

Smock comments on Millennials' approach to romantic relationships in Monitor cover story

Smock and Lavelle's work on divorce and health insurance cited in Journalist's Resource

Smock says education, finances, age more important factors in divorce risk than premarital cohabitation

Smock's work cited in piece on how unemployment affects 'decisions of the heart'

Smock says rising age of marriage in U.S. reflects new family formation trends

Smock comments on 'stayover' relationships in NYT

Smock says men and women differ on reasons for cohabiting

Smock comments on unmarried mothers and cohabitation in NYT article

Smock comments on cohabitation and divorce in Newsweek

Smock says federal data show no negative effect for cohabitation on marriage

Smock views Gores' split in generational context

Smock says NCHS report supports no negative effect of cohabitation on marriage

Smock quoted in NYT article about living together and marriage

Smock says tough economic times can test marital relations as more women enter workforce

Smock comments on the economy and gender roles in AP story

Smock says living together before marriage may not raise divorce risk

Smock says family rituals sustaining in dire times

Smock looks at economic uncertainty and families (video)

Smock's work cited in WSJ story on growing problem of nonmarital childbearing

Smock comments on trends in unmarried childbearing

Smock sees uncertain times as contributing to uptick in marriage

Smock comments on evolving prevalence, nature of U.S. cohabitation

Smock cited in NYT story on unmarried mothers

Smock says economic woes may deter unhappy couples from divorcing

Smock comments on shifting nature of cohabitation

Smock's work cited in quandary over romantic partner terminology

Smock quoted on study finding divorce, unwed childbearing cost taxpayers billions

Smock comments on gender gap in housework

Smock notes importance of finances in marriage

Smock's research on importance of money to marriage cited in WSJ story

Smock comments on census data showing spike in never-married young adults

Smock sees new marital patterns spurring couples’ interest in separate beds

Smock comments on drop in married-with-children households, especially among low-income

Frey and Smock cited in NYT story on rise in unmarried U.S. women

Smock cited in Newsweek story on unmarried childbearing

Smock comments on "adult au pair" trend

Honors & Awards

Pamela Smock elected president of the Association of Population Centers

Pamela Smock elected to PAA Board of Directors

Pamela Smock named Chair, NICHD's Population Sciences Subcommittee Study Section

Pamela Smock appointed Assoc VP for Research, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Michigan’s OVPR


Smock named editor of PAA’s flagship journal, Demography

Meet New PSC Director Pamela Smock