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Pfeffer says housing bubble masked decade-long growth in household net worth inequality

House, Burgard, Schoeni et al find that unemployment and recession have contrasting effects on mortality risk

Smock says cohabitation does not reduce odds of marriage


Jeff Morenoff makes Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list for 2014

Susan Murphy named Distinguished University Professor

Sarah Burgard and former PSC trainee Jennifer Ailshire win ASA award for paper

James Jackson to be appointed to NSF's National Science Board

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PSC Postdoctoral Fellows

PSC Postdoctoral Fellow Affiliates

National Poverty Center
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Alexandra Murphy, Sociologist, 2012-2014

RWJ Health & Society Scholars Program
School of Public Health

Audrey Dorelien, Demographer and Disease Ecologist, 2012-2014

Laura Wherry, Health Economist, 2012-2014

RWJ Scholars in Health Policy Research Program
School of Public Health

Rachel Best, Sociologist, 2012-2014

Colleen Carey, Economist, 2013-2015

S. Michael Gaddis, Sociologist, 2013-2015

RWJ Clinical Scholars Program
Internal Medicine

Lauren Hughes, Family Physician, 2013-2015

Justin List, Internist, 2013-2015

Andrew Schoenfeld, Spine Specialist (Orthpaedics), 2013-2015

Renuka Tipirneni, Internist, 2013-2015

Katherine Vickery, Family Physician, 2012-2014

Other Affiliates

Teri Rosales, Sociologist, 2014

Dustin Brown
Sociologist, NIA, 2013-2015

Patrick Coate
Economist, NIA, 2013-2015

Amelia Karraker
Sociologist, NIA, 2012-2014

Pawel Krolikowski
Economist, NIA, 2013-2015

Emily Ann Marshall
Sociologist, NICHD, 2012-2014

Javier Rodriguez
Political Scientist, NICHD, 2012-2014

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