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Hindustan Times points out high value of H-1B visas for US innovation, welfare, and tech firm profits

Novak, Geronimus, Martinez-Cardoso: Threat of deportation harmful to immigrants' health

Students from two worlds learn from one another in Morenoff's Inside-Out class

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Heather Ann Thompson wins Pulitzer Prize for book on Attica uprising

Lam explores dimensions of the projected 4 billion increase in world population before 2100

ISR's Nick Prieur wins UMOR award for exceptional contribution to U-M's research mission

How effectively can these nations handle outside investments in health R&D?

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Elizabeth Bruch

Daniel Eisenberg

Funded Research:

CBT in the Schools: Evaluation of a CBT Training Program for School Professionals (HHS-HCFA)

Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative (American Cancer Society)

TRAILS: Transforming Researching into Action to Improve the Lives of Students (HHS-HCFA)

Health Policy Research Scholars Cohort One - 2016 (RWJ)

TRAILS to Behavioral Health: Translating Research Into Action to Improve the Lives of Students (Michigan Health Endowment Fund)

Does Health Information Exchange Meet Hospital's Information Needs? (AHRQ)

RWJF Diversity in Health Policy Research (RWJ)

School-Based Support of Students with Depression and Anxiety - FY16 Medicaid (HHS-HCFA)

School-Based Support of Students with Depression and Anxiety / FY 16 ( Amend#2) (HHS-HCFA)

NIDA Innovative Methods for Constructing Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions (NIDA)

A partnership to translate an EBI for vulnerable older adults with heart disease (NIA)

A Health and Economic Evaluation of Treating Depression Among Diabetics (NIDDK)

Estimating the return on investment (ROI) for Boys and Girls Club of America (Boys and Girls Club of America)

A Novel Intervention Promoting Eating Disorder Treatment among College Students (NIMH)

Web-based Intervention for Non-Help Seeking College Students with Depression and/or Anxiety (Flinn Foundation)

Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-based Practices for the School-based Support of Students with Depression and Anxiety-FY15 MDCH, PROJECT 2, KOSCHMANN (HHS-HCFA)

The Healthy Bodies Study 2015 (Various Sponsors)

Electronic Bridge to Mental Health (eBridge) for College Students (NIMH)

Developing and Evaluating a Model Program for Supporting the Mental Health of Student Athletes (NCAA)

Improving Mental Health Outcomes: Buidling an Adaptive Implementation Strategy (NIMH)

An innovative online video-based intervention for reducing psychological distress and promoting access to mental health care in employee populations (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation)

Implementing Health Plan-Level Care Management for Solo & Small Practices (AHRQ)

Health Services Research Training (AHRQ)

Healthy Minds Study (Various Sponsors)

The Healthy Bodies Study (Emory University)

Mental Health Literacy Among College Students in Qatar (Qatar Foundation)

A Peer-to-Peer Program on College Campuses to Improve Wellbeing and Mental Health Outcomes of Student Veterans (Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation)

Telemonitoring Enhanced Support for Depression Self Management (NIMH)

Implementing Chronic Care Management for Bipolar Disorder (NIMH)

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.

Professor, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health.

Ph.D., Stanford University

Dr. Eisenberg's broad research goal is to improve understanding of how to invest effectively and efficiently in the mental health of young people. His research focuses on health behaviors, mental health services and policy, and economic and policy evaluation.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Lipson, S., J. Jones, C. Taylor, D. Wilfley, D. Eichen, E. Fitzsimmons-Craft, and Daniel Eisenberg. Forthcoming. "Understanding and promoting treatment-seeking for eating disorders and body image concerns on college campuses through online screening, prevention and intervention." Eating Behaviors. DOI. Abstract.

Waxmonsky, J., L. Verchinina, Z. Lai, Daniel Eisenberg, J. Kyle, K. Nord, J. Rementer, D. Goodrich, and M. Bauer, et al. 2016. "Correlates of Emergency Department Use by Individuals With Bipolar Disorder Enrolled in a Collaborative Care Implementation Study." Psychiatric Services, 67(11): 1265-1268. PMCID: PMC5089922. DOI. Abstract.

Grazier, K.L., Jenefer Jedele, Mary L. Smiley, and Daniel Eisenberg. 2016. "Effects of Mental Health Parity on High Utilizers of Services: Pre-Post Evidence From a Large, Self-Insured Employer." Psychiatric Services, 67(4): 448-451. DOI. Abstract.

Pedrelli, P., B. Borsari, S. Lipson, J. Heinze, and Daniel Eisenberg. 2016. "Gender differences in the relationships among major depressive disorder, heavy alcohol use, and mental health treatment engagement among college students." Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 77(4): 620-628. PMCID: PMC4987072. DOI. Abstract.

Lipson, S., S. Zhou, B. Wagner III, K. Beck, and Daniel Eisenberg. 2016. "Major Differences: Variations in Undergraduate and Graduate Student Mental Health and Treatment Utilization Across Academic Disciplines." Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 30(1): 23-41. DOI. Abstract.

Hansen, Ben, W.M. Compton, Daniel Eisenberg, L. Milazzo-Sayre, R. McKeon, and A. Hughes. 2016. "Prevalence and Mental Health Treatment of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior Among College Students Aged 18-25 Years and Their Non-College-Attending Peers in the United States." Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 77(6): 815-24. DOI. Abstract.

Golberstein, E., Daniel Eisenberg, and M. Downs. 2016. "Spillover Effects in Health Service Use: Evidence From Mental Health Care Using First-Year College Housing Assignments." Health Economics, 25(1): 40-55. DOI. Abstract.

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