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Panel study finds more tolerance, less extremism in Egypt and Turkey

Frey says crime alone can't explain why so many black Chicagoans are headed south

Smock cited in amicus brief for Supreme Court case on citizenship rights for foreign-born children of unwed parents

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U-M awarded $58 million to develop ideas for preventing and treating health problems

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Former PSC trainee Eric Chyn wins PAA's Dorothy S. Thomas Award for best paper

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Lauren Schmitz

Research Fellow, Population Studies Center.

Research Fellow, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Postdoctoral Mentor: Jessica Faul, Colter Mitchell, David Weir

Ph.D., New School for Social Research

Dr. Schmitz's research bridges theory and methods in economics, sociology, and genetic epidemiology to explore ways in which biological predispositions interact with economic and social environments to promote or impede health and social mobility across the lifespan. Her current research examines how economic disadvantage and related social stressors combine with genotype to affect health disparities at older ages; how genetic propensities and educational environment in childhood affect schooling and lifetime earnings; and how occupational characteristics, health, and the decision to retire are associated.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Schmitz, Lauren, and Dalton Conley. 2017. "Modeling Gene-Environment Interactions With Quasi-Natural Experiments." Journal of Personality, 85(1): 10-21. DOI. Abstract.

Schmitz, Lauren. 2016. "Do Working Conditions at Older Ages Shape the Health Gradient?" Journal of Health Economics, 50: 183-197. PMCID: PMC5127717. DOI. Abstract.

Schmitz, Lauren, and Dalton Conley. 2015. "The Long-Term Effects of Vietnam-Era Conscription and Genotype on Smoking Behavior and Health." Behavior Genetics, 46(1): 43-58. DOI. Abstract.

Conference Proceedings

Schmitz, Lauren. 2016. "The Impact of Late-Career Job Loss and Genotype on Body Mass Index." Population Association of America, 2016 Annual Meeting,