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Smock cited in amicus brief for Supreme Court case on citizenship rights for foreign-born children of unwed parents

Levy, Buchmueller and colleagues examine Medicaid expansion's impact on ER visits

ISR data show large partisan gap in consumer expectations for economy

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MiCDA Research Fellowship - applications due July 21, 2017

U-M awarded $58 million to develop ideas for preventing and treating health problems

Bailey, Eisenberg , and Fomby promoted at PSC

Former PSC trainee Eric Chyn wins PAA's Dorothy S. Thomas Award for best paper

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Benjamin Thompson photo

Email Address

Benjamin Thompson

Graduate Student, Population Studies Center.

Graduate Student, Department of Economics.

Economics, Year: advanced

PSC Mentor: John Bound

M.A., University of Michigan

Research Interests: health economics, labor, public finance, econometrics and macroeconomics

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Huang, David T., Derek C. Angus, Marc Moss, Benjamin Thompson, Niall D. Ferguson, Adit Ginde, Michelle Ng Gong, Stephanie Gundel, Douglas L. Hayden, R.R. Hite, Lifang Hou, Catherine L. Hough, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Kathleen D. Liu, Daniel S. Talmor, and Donald M. Yealy. 2017. "Design and Rationale of the Reevaluation of Systemic Early Neuromuscular Blockade Trial for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome." Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 14(1): 124-133. DOI. Abstract.

Pandey, A.S., J.J. Gemmete, T.J. Wilson, N. Chaudhary, Benjamin Thompson, L.B. Morgenstern, and James F. Burke. 2015. "High Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patient Volume Associated With Lower Mortality and Better Outcomes." Neurosurgery, 77(3): 462-470. DOI. Abstract.

Shih, Y., Jennifer Ward-Batts, C. Pettaway, Y. Xu, S. Matin, J. Davis, Benjamin Thompson, and L. Elting. 2012. "Comparative Effectiveness, Cost, and Utilization of Radical Prostatectomy among Young Men within Managed Care Insurance Plans." Value in Health, 15(2): 367-375. DOI. Abstract.