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Murphy says mobile sensor data will allow adaptive interventions for maximizing healthy outcomes

Frey comments on why sunbelt metro area economies are still struggling

Krause says having religious friends leads to gratitude, which is associated with better health


PSC Fall 2014 Newsletter now available

Martha Bailey and Nicolas Duquette win Cole Prize for article on War on Poverty

Michigan's graduate sociology program tied for 4th with Stanford in USN&WR rankings

Jeff Morenoff makes Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list for 2014

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Monday, Nov 3
Melvin Stephens

PSC U-M Researchers

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Daniel J. Kruger, Psychologist
Yasamin Kusunoki, Social Epidemiologist
David Lam, Economist
Susan Hautaniemi Leonard, Anthropologist
James M. Lepkowski, Statistician
Helen Levy, Economist
Lydia W. Li, Social Work Researcher
Bobbi Low, Resource Ecologist
Emily Ann Marshall, Sociologist
Mary McEniry, Demographer
Colter Mitchell, Sociologist
Jeffrey Morenoff, Sociologist
Susan A. Murphy, Statistician
Alexandra Murphy, Sociologist
Lisa Neidert, Sociologist
Edward Norton, Economist
Patrick M. O'Malley, Psychologist
Mary Beth Ofstedal, Sociologist
Fabian T. Pfeffer, Sociologist
Amy M. Pienta, Sociologist
J.J. Prescott, Legal Scholar
Trivellore Raghunathan, Statistician
Elisha Renne, Anthropologist
Paul W. Rhode, Economist
Javier Rodriguez, Political Scientist
Narayan Sastry, Demographer
Robert F. Schoeni, Economist
John E. Schulenberg, Psychologist
Kristin Seefeldt, Sociologist
Matthew D. Shapiro, Economist
Eleanor Singer, Sociologist
Jeffrey A. Smith, Economist
Pamela Smock, Sociologist
Rachel C. Snow, Epidemiologist
Frank P. Stafford, Economist
Melvin Stephens, Jr, Economist
Kenneth M. Sylvester, Historian
Arland Thornton, Sociologist
Rebecca L. Thornton, Economist
Lois M. Verbrugge, Sociologist
David Weir, Economist
Robert Willis, Economist
Kristine M. Witkowski, Sociologist
Jessica Wyse, Sociologist
Yu Xie, Sociologist
Hongwei Xu, Sociologist
Dean Yang, Economist
George C. Alter, Historian
Barbara A. Anderson, Sociologist
Manuela Angelucci, Economist
Raj Arunachalam, Economist
William Axinn, Sociologist
Jerald Bachman, Psychologist
Martha J. Bailey, Economist
Jennifer S. Barber, Sociologist
Rachel Best, Sociologist
Prem B. Bhandari, Sociologist
C. Hoyt Bleakley, Economist
Deirdre Bloome, Sociologist
John Bound, Economist
Charles C. Brown, Economist
Daniel G. Brown, Geographer
Elizabeth Eve Bruch, Sociologist
Sarah Burgard, Sociologist
Jing Cai, Economist
Philippa J. Clarke, Epidemiologist
Frederick G. Conrad, Survey Methodologist
Mick P. Couper, Survey Methodologist
Daniel Eisenberg, Health Economist
Michael R. Elliott, Statistician
Reynolds Farley, Sociologist
David Featherman, Sociologist
Paula Fomby, Sociologist
Kathleen Ford, Sociologist
Vicki Freedman, Epidemiologist
William H. Frey, Sociologist
Tom E. Fricke, Anthropologist
Arline T. Geronimus, Behavioral Scientist
Dirgha Ghimire, Sociologist
Kelli Stidham Hall, Epidemiologist
Ben Hansen, Statistician
Sioban D. Harlow, Epidemiologist
Steven Heeringa, Statistician
Albert Hermalin, Sociologist
Lynette Hoelter, Sociologist
James S. House, Sociologist
Ronald F. Inglehart, Political Scientist
Susan Jekielek, Sociologist
Lloyd Johnston, Psychologist
Andrew David Jones, Public Health Nutritionist
Miles Kimball, Economist
John E. Knodel, Sociologist
Conrad Kottak, Anthropologist
Neal Krause, Epidemiologist