New Discussion Papers from the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Does Intermarriage Pay Off? A Panel Data Analysis
Olga Nottmeyer
Abstract; PDF

Running and Jumping Variables in RD Designs: Evidence Based on Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Birth Weights
Alan Barreca, Melanie Guldi, Jason M. Lindo, Glen R. Waddell
Abstract; PDF

Efficient Intra-Household Allocation of Parental Leave
Juliane Parys, Gregor Schwerhoff
Abstract; PDF

Skin Tone’s Decreasing Importance on Employment: Evidence from a Longitudinal Dataset, 1985-2000
Randall K. Q. Akee, Mutlu Yuksel
Abstract; PDF

Migration and Culture
Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang
Abstract; PDF

Experimental Approaches in Migration Studies
(forthcoming in: Handbook of Research Methods in Migration)
David McKenzie, Dean Yang
Abstract; PDF

Does More Money Make You Fat? The Effects of Quasi-Experimental Income Transfers on Adolescent and Young Adult Obesity
Randall K. Q. Akee, Emilia Simeonova, William Copeland, Adrian Angold, Jane E. Costello
Abstract; PDF

The Elephant in the Corner: A Cautionary Tale about Measurement Error in Treatment Effects Models
Daniel L. Millimet
Abstract; PDF

Location Choices of Migrant Nest-Leavers: Spatial Assimilation or Continued Segregation?
(forthcoming in: Advances in Life Course Research (available online: June 2010))
Aslan Zorlu, Clara H. Mulder
Abstract; PDF

Ethnic Fragmentation, Conflict, Displaced Persons and Human Trafficking: An Empirical Analysis
Randall K. Q. Akee, Arnab K. Basu, Nancy Chau, Melanie Khamis
Abstract; PDF

Inequality of Educational Opportunity in India: Changes over Time and across States
Niaz Asadullah, Gaston Yalonetzky
Abstract; PDF

Can Educational Expansion Improve Income Inequality in China? Evidences from the CHNS 1997 and 2006 Data
Guangjie Ning
Abstract; PDF

Estimating the Effect of the One-Child Policy on Sex Ratio Imbalance in China: Identification Based on the Difference-in-Differences
Hongbin Li, Junjian Yi, Junsen Zhang
Abstract; PDF

Health Outcomes and Socio-Economic Status among the Elderly in China: Evidence from the CHARLS Pilot
John Strauss, Xiaoyan Lei, Albert Park, Yan Shen, James P. Smith, Zhe Yang, Yaohui Zhao
Abstract; PDF

Intra-household Resource Allocation: Do Parents Reduce or Reinforce Child Cognitive Ability Gaps?
Paul Frijters, David W. Johnston, Manisha Shah, Michael A. Shields
Abstract; PDF

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