New Discussion Papers from the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Evolution of the Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Labor Market from 2002 to 2007
Zhaopeng (Frank) Qu, Zhong Zhao
Abstract; PDF

The Long-Run Effects of Mortality Decline in Developing Countries
Ulla Lehmijoki, Tapio K. Palokangas
Abstract; PDF

The Role of Mothers and Fathers in Providing Skills: Evidence from Parental Deaths
Jérôme Adda, Anders Björklund, Helena Holmlund
Abstract; PDF

The Impact of Placing Adolescent Males into Foster Care on their Education, Income Assistance and Incarcerations
William P. Warburton, Rebecca N. Warburton, Arthur Sweetman, Clyde Hertzman
Abstract; PDF

Turning 18: What a Difference Application of Adult Criminal Law Makes
Horst Entorf
Abstract; PDF

Mother’s Autonomy and Child Welfare: A New Measure and Some New Evidence
Tanika Chakraborty, Prabal K. De
Abstract; PDF

Job Search Requirements for Older Unemployed: Transitions to Employment, Early Retirement and Disability Benefits
Hans Bloemen, Stefan Hochguertel, Marloes Lammers
Abstract; PDF

Consistent Estimation of the Fixed Effects Ordered Logit Model
Gregori Baetschmann, Kevin Staub, Rainer Winkelmann
Abstract; PDF

Efficient and Inefficient Welfare States
Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc, Marc Sangnier
Abstract; PDF

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