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Yang says remittances from workers abroad increase educational attainment for children

Kimball's failed replication of Reinhart-Rogoff finding cited in argument for tempered public response to social science research results

Edin and Shaefer's book on destitute families in America reviewed in NYT


Deirdre Bloome wins ASA award for work on racial inequality and intergenerational transmission

Bob Willis awarded 2015 Jacob Mincer Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Labor Economics

David Lam is new director of Institute for Social Research

Elizabeth Bruch wins Robert Merton Prize for paper in analytic sociology

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Monday, Oct 12
Joe Grengs, Policy & Planning for Social Equity in Transportation

Sexual risk behaviors, HIV knowledge and perception between injection and non-injection female drug users in China

Publication Abstract

Wang, Quanyi, and Ge Lin. 2002. "Sexual risk behaviors, HIV knowledge and perception between injection and non-injection female drug users in China." Women's Health and Urban Life, 1(2): 66-78.

The current study examines sexual risk behaviors, HIV knowledge and attitudes among women heroin users in China. A sample of 167 women heroin users was recruited from a detoxification center located in Lanzhou City, China. Close to 80% of participants reported multiple sex partners in their lifetime, and more than half of married participants reported extramarital sex. Injection drug users were more likely to have multiple sex partners, extramarital sex and sex in exchange for drugs or money than non-injection heroin users. Nearly 80% of injection drug users and 46.1% of non-injection drug users exchanged sex for drugs or money in this study. The results show that sexual risk behaviors are common among women drug users in China and injection drug users are at a higher risk for HIV infection and transmission than non-injection drug users. Implications of the findings are discussed.

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