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Choi, HwaJung, Sarah Burgard, Irma T. Elo, and Michele Heisler. 2015. "Are older adults living in more equal counties healthier than older adults living in more unequal counties? A propensity score matching approach." Social Science & Medicine, 141(Sept 2015): 82-90. DOI. Abstract. Public Access.

West, Brady Thomas, Dirgha Ghimire, and William Axinn. 2015. "Evaluating a Modular Design Approach to Collecting Survey Data Using Text Messages." Survey Research Methods, 9(2): 111-123. NIHMSID: NIHMS716429. DOI. Abstract.

Thompson, Heather Ann. Forthcoming. Blood in the Water: The Attica Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy. New York: Pantheon.

Stoddard, Sarah Anne, J.J. Varela, and M.A. Zimmerman. Forthcoming. "Exploring gender differences in the relationship between future expectations and bullying in early adolescence." Nursing Research.

Eisman, A., Sarah Anne Stoddard, J.E. Heinze, and M.A. Zimmerman. Forthcoming. "Depressive Symptoms and Violence Exposure Among Urban Youth: A Growth Curve Analysis." Developmental Psychology.

Singh, Vijay, Quyen Epstein-Ngo, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Sarah Anne Stoddard, Stephen T. Chermack, and Maureen A. Walton. 2015. "Physical dating violence among adolescents and young adults with alcohol misuse." Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 153: 364-368. PMCID: PMC4509806. DOI. Abstract.

Eisman, Andria B., Sarah Anne Stoddard, Jose A. Bauermeister, Cleopatra H. Caldwell, and Marc A. Zimmerman. Online Access 2015. "Trajectories of Organized Activity Participation Among Urban Adolescents: An Analysis of Predisposing Factors." Journal of Youth and Adolescence, . DOI. Abstract.

Austic, E.A., S.E. McCabe, Sarah Anne Stoddard, Q.M. Epstein-Ngo, and C.J. Boyd. Forthcoming. "Age and cohort patterns of controlled medication use and misuse among adolescents: 1991–2012." Journal of Addiction Medicine.

Hsieh, H., J.E. Heinze, S.M. Aiyer, Sarah Anne Stoddard, J. Wang, and M.A. Zimmerman. Forthcoming. "Cross-domain influences on risky driving behaviors from late adolescence to emerging adulthood." Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.

Schmidt, C., J. Pierce, and Sarah Anne Stoddard. Forthcoming. "The mediating effect of future expectations on the relationship between neighborhood context and adolescent bullying perpetration." Journal of Community Psychology.

Pierce, Jennifer, Carissa Schmidt, and Sarah Anne Stoddard. 2015. "The role of feared possible selves in the relationship between peer influence and delinquency." Journal of Adolescence, 38: 17-26. PMCID: PMC4267895. DOI. Abstract.

Goldstick, J.S., R. Lipton, P.M. Carter, Sarah Anne Stoddard, M.F. Newton, T.M. Reischl, M.A. Walton, M.A. Zimmerman, and R.M. Cunningham. 2015. "The Effect of Neighborhood Context on the Relationship Between Substance Misuse and Weapons Aggression in Urban Adolescents Seeking ED Care." Substance Use & Misuse, 50(5): 674-684. DOI. Abstract.

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