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Xu, Hongwei, Lydia W. Li, Zhenmei Zhang, and Jinyu Liu. 2015. "Is Natural Experiment a Cure? Re-examing the Long-Term Health Effects of China's 1959-1961 Famine." PSC Research Report No. 15-844. July 2015. Abstract.

Iglesias-Rios, L., Sioban D. Harlow, and B. Reed. 2015. "Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Women with Vulvodynia: Evidence from the Population-Based Woman to Woman Health Study." Journal of Addictive Disease, 24(7): 557-562. DOI. Abstract.

Leverso, J., W. Bielby, and Lynette Hoelter. 2015. "Back on the streets: Maturation and risk factors for recidivism among serious juvenile offenders." Journal of Adolescence, 41: 67-75. DOI. Abstract.

Inglehart, Ronald F., B. Puranen, and C. Welzel. 2015. "Declining willingness to fight for one'scountry: The individual-level basis of the long peace." Journal of Peace Research, 52(4): 418-434. DOI. Abstract.

Terry-McElrath, Y., Patrick M. O'Malley, and Lloyd Johnston. 2015. "Foods and beverages offered in US public secondary schools through the National School Lunch Program from 2011–2013: Early evidence of improved nutrition and reduced disparities." Preventive Medicine, 78: 52-58. DOI. Abstract.

Kimball, Miles. 2015. "Cognitive Economics." Japanese Economic Review, 66(2): 167-181. DOI. Abstract.

Teerawichitchainan, B., and John E. Knodel. Forthcoming. "Economic Status and Old-Age Health in Poverty-Stricken Myanmar." Journal of Aging and Health. DOI. Abstract.

Krause, Neal, R. Emmons, and G. Ironson. 2015. "Benevolent Images of God, Gratitude, and Physical Health Status." Journal of Religion and Health, 54(4): 1503-1519. DOI. Abstract.

Krause, Neal. 2015. "Assessing the Religious Roots of Volunteer Work in Middle and Late Life." Research on Aging, 37(5): 439-463. DOI. Abstract.

Hayward, D., and Neal Krause. Forthcoming. "Classes of Individual Growth Trajectories of Religious Coping in Older Adulthood Patterns and Predictors." Research on Aging. DOI. Abstract.

Krause, Neal. 2015. "Trust in God and psychological distress: exploring variations by religious affiliation." Mental Health, Religion and Culture, 18(4): 235-245. DOI. Abstract.

Krause, Neal. 2015. "Assessing the relationships among race, religion, humility, and self-forgiveness: A longitudinal investigation." Advances in Life Course Research, 24: 66-74. DOI. Abstract.

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