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Stoddard, Sarah Anne, Quyen Epstein-Ngo, Maureen Walton, Marc A. Zimmerman, Stephen T. Chermack, Frederic C. Blow, Brenda M. Booth, and Rebecca M. Cunningham. 2015. "Substance Use and Violence Among Youth: A Daily Calendar Analysis." Substance Use & Misuse, 50(3): 328-339. PMCID: PMC4286439. DOI. Abstract.

Allendorf, Keera, and Arland Thornton. 2015. "Caste and Choice: The Influence of Developmental Idealism on Marriage Behavior." American Journal of Sociology, 121(1): 243-287. DOI. Abstract.

Raymo, James, Hyunjoon Park, Yu Xie, and Wei-Jun Jean Yeung. 2015. "Marriage and Family in East Asia: Continuity and Change." Annual Review of Sociology, 41: 471-492. DOI. Abstract.

Xie, Yu, Michael Fang, and Kimberlee Akin Shauman. Forthcoming. "STEM Education." Annual Review of Sociology. NIHMSID: NIHMS715957. DOI. Abstract.

Zhou, Jie, and Yu Xie. Online Access 2015. "Does Economic Development Affect Life Satisfaction? A Spatial–Temporal Contextual Analysis in China." Journal of Happiness Studies, . DOI. Abstract.

Xu, Hongwei, Airan Liu, and Yueyun Zhang. 2015. "Inequality in children's well-being and development: Evidence from a national panel study." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 1(1): 88-107. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Allen, Stephen Leider, Nico Ravanilla, and Dean Yang. 2015. "Measuring Vote-Selling: Field Evidence from the Philippines." American Economic Review, 105(5): 352-356. DOI. Abstract.

Ashraf, Nava, Diego Aycinena, Claudia Martinez, and Dean Yang. 2015. "Savings in Transnational Households: A Field Experiment among Migrants from El Salvador." Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(2): 332-351. DOI. Abstract.

Batista, Catia, Daniel Silverman, and Dean Yang. Online Access 2015. "Directed giving: Evidence from an inter-household transfer experiment." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, . DOI. Abstract.

Mckenzie, David, and Dean Yang. 2015. "Evidence on Policies to Increase the Development Impacts of International Migration." World Bank Research Observer, 30(2): 155-192. DOI. Abstract.

Sylvester, Kenneth M., Myron Gutmann, and Daniel G. Brown. Online Access 2015. "At the margins: agriculture, subsidies and the shifting fate of North America's native grassland." Population and Environment, . DOI. Abstract.

Unerti, Kim M., Chris L. Schaefbauer, Terrance R. Campbell, Charles Senteio, Katie A. Siek, Suzanne Bakken, and Tiffany C.E. Veinot. Online Access 2015. "Integrating community-based participatory research and informatics approaches to improve the engagement and health of underserved populations." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, . DOI. Abstract.

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