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Stoddard, Sarah Anne, Jorge J. Varela, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2015. "Future Expectations, Attitude Toward Violence, and Bullying Perpetration During Early Adolescence: A Mediation Evaluation." Nursing Research, 64(6): 422-433. DOI. Abstract.

Stoddard, Sarah Anne, and Jennifer Pierce. 2015. "Promoting Positive Future Expectations During Adolescence: The Role of Assets." American Journal of Community Psychology, 56(3): 332-341. PMCID: PMC4637254. DOI. Abstract.

Li, Lydia W., Jinyu Liu, Zhenmei Zhang, and Hongwei Xu. 2015. "Late-life depression in Rural China: do village infrastructure and availability of community resources matter?" International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 30(7): 729-736. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Reuben J., Janice Williams Miller, Jelena Zeleskov Djoric, and Desmond Patton. 2015. "Baldwin's Mill." Humanity & Society, 39(4): 456-475. DOI. Abstract.

Notterman, Daniel A., and Colter Mitchell. 2015. "Epigenetics and Understanding the Impact of Social Determinants of Health." Pediatric Clinics of North America, 62(5): 1227-1240. PMCID: PMC4555996. DOI. Abstract.

Mitchell, Colter, Lisa M. Schneper, and Daniel A. Notterman. Online Access 2015. "DNA Methylation, Early Life Environment, and Health Outcomes." Pediatric Research, . DOI. Abstract.

Lu, Xi, Kevin G. Lynch, David W. Oslin, and Susan A. Murphy. Online Access 2015. "Comparing treatment policies with assistance from the structural nested mean model." Biometrics, . DOI. Abstract.

Miech, Richard, Lloyd Johnston, Patrick M. O'Malley, Katherine M. Keyes, and Kennon Heard. 2015. "Prescription Opioids in Adolescence and Future Opioid Misuse." Pediatrics, 136(5): e1-e9. DOI. Abstract.

Miech, Richard A., Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd Johnston, and Megan Patrick. Online Access 2015. "E-Cigarettes and the Drug Use Patterns of Adolescents." Nicotine & Tobacco Research, . DOI. Abstract.

Hermalin, Albert, and Lisa Neidert. 2015. "Homegrown or Imported: Sources of the College-Educated Population of States." PSC Research Report No. 15-849. November 2015. Abstract. PDF.

Rajaee, Mozhgon, Rachel N. Long, Elisha Renne, and Niladri Basu. 2015. "Mercury Exposure Assessment and Spatial Distribution in A Ghanaian Small-Scale Gold Mining Community." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12(9): 10755-10782. PMCID: PMC4586641. DOI. Abstract.

Basu, Niladri, Elisha Renne, and Rachel N. Long. 2015. "An Integrated Assessment Approach to Address Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Ghana." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12(9): 11683-11698. PMCID: PMC4586700. DOI. Abstract.

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