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Bound, John, Arline T. Geronimus, Javier Rodriguez, and Timothy A. Waidmann. 2015. "Measuring Recent Apparent Declines In Longevity: The Role Of Increasing Educational Attainment." Health Affairs, 34(12): 2167-2173. PMCID: PMC4783133. DOI. Abstract.

Seefeldt, Kristin, and Heather Sandstrom. 2015. "When There Is No Welfare: The Income Packaging Strategies of Mothers Without Earnings or Cash Assistance Following an Economic Downturn." Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 1(1): 139-158. Abstract. Public Access.

Fomby, Paula, and Kelly Musick. 2015. "Mothers' Time, the Parenting Package, and Links to Healthy Child Development." PSC Research Report No. 15-850. December 2015. Abstract. PDF.

Bound, John, Stephan Lindner, and Timothy A. Waidmann. 2015. "Reconciling Findings on the Employment Effects of Disability Insurance." IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 3(11). DOI. Abstract.

Axinn, William, K.M. Scott, and S.A. Chardoul. Forthcoming. "Demography of mental health." In Encyclopedia of Mental Health edited by H. Friedman. New York: Academic Press.

Herbert, Claire, Jeffrey Morenoff, and David J. Harding. 2015. "Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Among Former Prisoners." Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 1(2): 44-79. PMCID: PMC4762459. Abstract. Public Access.

Knodel, John E., Wiraporn Pothisiri, Chanettee Milintangul, and Busarin Bangkaew. 2015. Leaving Children with Grandparents in Myanmar: Experiences and Perceptions of Migrants in Samut Sakhon Province in Thailand. Abstract. Public Access.

Austic, Elizabeth, Sean Esteban McCabe, Sarah Anne Stoddard, Quyen Epstein Ngo, and Carol Boyd. 2015. "Age and Cohort Patterns of Medical and Nonmedical Use of Controlled Medication Among Adolescents." Journal of Addiction Medicine, 9(5): 376-382. PMCID: PMC4592367. DOI. Abstract.

Stoddard, Sarah Anne, Justin E. Heinze, Daniel Ewon Choe, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2015. "Predicting violent behavior: The role of violence exposure and future educational aspirations during adolescence." Journal of Adolescence, 44: 191-203. PMCID: PMC4575886. DOI. Abstract.

Eisman, Andria B., Sarah Anne Stoddard, Justin Heinze, Cleopatra H. Caldwell, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2015. "Depressive symptoms, social support, and violence exposure among urban youth: A longitudinal study of resilience." Developmental Psychology, 51(9): 1307-1316. DOI. Abstract.

Susperreguy, Maria-Ines, and Pamela E. Davis-Kean. 2015. "Socialization of maths in the home environment: using voice recordings to study maths talk." Estudios de Psicología: Studies in Psychology, 36(3): 643-655. DOI. Abstract.

Davis-Kean, Pamela E., and Sandra Tang. 2015. "Parenting with Digital Devices." In Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Interdisciplinary, Searchable, and Linkable Resource edited by Robert A. Scott, Stephen M. Kosslyn, and Nancy Pinkerton. Wiley. DOI. Abstract.

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