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Luo, Weixiang, and Yu Xie. 2015. "Has smoking really declined in China?" Chinese Journal of Sociology, 1(2): 165-176. DOI. Abstract.

Wang, Jia, and Yu Xie. 2015. "Feeling good about the iron rice bowl: Economic sector and happiness in post-reform urban China." Social Science Research, 53: 203-217. NIHMSID: NIHMS715961. DOI. Abstract.

Xie, Yu, Siwei Cheng, and Xiang Zhou. 2015. "Assortative mating without assortative preference." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(19): 5974-5978. PMCID: PMC4434718. DOI. Abstract.

Brown, Miranda, and Yu Xie. 2015. "Between heaven and earth: Dual accountability in Han China." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 1(1): 56-87. DOI. Abstract.

Wilson, Mark L., Elisha Renne, Carla Roncoli, Peter Agyei-Baffour, and Emmanuel Yamoah Tenkorang. 2015. "Integrated Assessment of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Ghana — Part 3: Social Sciences and Economics." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12(7): 8133-8156. PMCID: PMC4515713. DOI. Abstract.

Sastry, Narayan. 2015. "Stressful Life Experiences and Contexts: The Effects on Parents and Parenting." In Families in an Era of Increasing Inequality: Diverging Destinies edited by Paul R. Amato, Alan Booth, Susan M. McHale, Jennifer Van Hook. New York: Springer. DOI. Abstract.

DeCamp, Lisa Ross, HwaJung Choi, Elena Fuentes-Afflick, and Narayan Sastry. 2015. "Immigrant Latino Neighborhoods and Mortality Among Infants Born to Mexican-Origin Latina Women." Maternal and Child Health Journal, 19(6): 1354-1363. PMCID: PMC4447583. DOI. Abstract.

Schoeni, Robert F., Suzanne M. Bianchi, Joseph Hotz, Judith A. Selzer, and Emily E. Wiemers. 2015. "Intergenerational transfers and extended family roster: a new substudy of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics." Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 6(3): 319-330. NIHMSID: NIHMS715736. DOI. Abstract.

Maggs, Jennifer L., Jeremy Staff, Megan E. Patrick, Laura Wray-Lake, and John E. Schulenberg. 2015. "Alcohol Use at the Cusp of Adolescence: A Prospective National Birth Cohort Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors." Journal of Adolescence, 56(6): 639-645. PMCID: PMC4442274. DOI. Abstract.

Veliz, Philip, John E. Schulenberg, Megan Patrick, Deborah Kloska, and Sean Esteban McCabe. Online Access 2015. "Competitive sports participation in high school and subsequent substance use in young adulthood: Assessing differences based on level of contact." International Review for the Sociology of Sport, . DOI. Abstract.

Jager, Justin, Katherine M. Keyes, and John E. Schulenberg. 2015. "Historical variation in young adult binge drinking trajectories and its link to historical variation in social roles and minimum legal drinking age." Developmental Psychology, 51(7): 962-974. PMCID: PMC4517691. DOI. Abstract.

Seefeldt, Kristin. 2015. "Constant Consumption Smoothing, Limited Investments, and Few Repayments: The Role of Debt in the Financial Lives of Economically Vulnerable Families." Social Service Review, 89(2): 263-300. DOI. Abstract.

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