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Rosenberg, Eli S., Richard B. Rothenberg, David G. Kleinbaum, Rob Stephenson, and Patrick S. Sullivan. 2014. "Assessment of a New Web-Based Sexual Concurrency Measurement Tool for Men Who Have Sex With Men." Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(11): e246. PMCID: PMC4260005. DOI. Abstract.

White, Darcy, and Rob Stephenson. Online Access 2014. "Correlates of Perceived HIV Prevalence and Associations With HIV Testing Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States." American Journal of Men's Health, . DOI. Abstract.

Dynes, Michelle M., Craig Hadley, Rob Stephenson, and Lynn M. Sibley. Online Access 2014. "A network study exploring factors that promote or erode interaction among diverse community health workers in rural Ethiopia." Health Policy and Planning, . DOI. Abstract.

Stephenson, Rob, Darcy White, Lynae Darbes, Colleen Hoff, and Patrick Sullivan. Online Access 2014. "HIV Testing Behaviors and Perceptions of Risk of HIV Infection Among MSM with Main Partners." AIDS and Behavior, . PMCID: PMC4314517. DOI. Abstract.

Njau, Joseph D., Rob Stephenson, Manoj P. Menon, S. Patrick Kachur, and Deborah A. McFarland. 2014. "Investigating the Important Correlates of Maternal Education and Childhood Malaria Infections." American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 91(3): 509-519. PMCID: PMC4155551. DOI. Abstract.

Sullivan, Patrick S., Rob Stephenson, Beau Grazter, Gina Wingood, Ralph Diclemente, Susan Allen, Colleen Hoff, Laura Salazar, Lamont Scales, Jeanne Montgomery, Ann Schwartz, Jasper Barnes, and Kristina Grabbe. 2014. "Adaptation of the African couples HIV testing and counseling model for men who have sex with men in the United States: an application of the ADAPT-ITT framework." Springerplus, 3: 249. PMCID: PMC4035496. DOI. Abstract.

Newton-Levinson, Anna, Kate Winskell, Berissa Abdela, Marcie Rubardt, and Rob Stephenson. 2014. "'People insult her as a sexy woman': sexuality, stigma and vulnerability among widowed and divorced women in Oromiya, Ethiopia." Culture, Health & Sexuality, 16(8): 916-930. DOI. Abstract.

Siegler, Aaron J., Alex de Voux, Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya, Linda-Gail Bekker, Patrick S. Sullivan, Stefan D. Baral, Kate Winskell, Zamakayise Kose, Andrea L. Wirtz, and Rob Stephenson. 2014. "Elements of Condom-Use Decision Making among South African Men Who Have Sex with Men." Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, 13(5): 414-423. PMCID: PMC4169340. DOI. Abstract.

Wall, Kristin M., Patrick S. Sullivan, David Kleinbaum, and Rob Stephenson. 2014. "Actor-partner effects associated with experiencing intimate partner violence or coercion among male couples enrolled in an HIV prevention trial." BMC Public Health, 14: 209. PMCID: PMC3942775. DOI. Abstract.

Caleyachetty, Rishi, Justin B. Echouffo-Tcheugui, Rob Stephenson, and Peter Muennig. 2014. "Intimate partner violence and current tobacco smoking in low- to middle-income countries: Individual participant meta-analysis of 231,892 women of reproductive age." Global Public Health, 9(5): 570-578. DOI. Abstract.

Sharma, Akshay, Rob Stephenson, Darcy White, and Patrick S. Sullivan. 2014. "Acceptability and intended usage preferences for six HIV testing options among internet-using men who have sex with men." SpringerPlus, 3: 109. PMCID: PMC3942559. DOI. Abstract.

Mitchell, Jason W., Carol Boyd, Sean McCabe, and Rob Stephenson. 2014. "A Cause for Concern: Male Couples' Sexual Agreements and Their Use of Substances with Sex." AIDS and Behavior, 18(7): 1401-1411. PMCID: PMC4386613. DOI. Abstract.

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