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Nishimura, Raphael, James Wagner, and Michael R. Elliott. Online Access 2015. "Alternative Indicators for the Risk of Non-response Bias: A Simulation Study." International Statistical Review, . DOI. Abstract.

Burke, James, Lesli Skolarus, and Vicki Freedman. 2015. "Racial Disparities in Poststroke Activity Limitations Are Not due to Differences in Prestroke Activity Limitation." Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, 24(7): 1636-1639. DOI. Abstract.

Wolf, Douglas, Vicki Freedman, Jan Ondrich, Christopher Seplaki, and Brenda Spillman. Forthcoming. "Disability Trajectories at the End of Life: A "Countdown" Model." Journals of Gerontology B Psychology Science Social Science. Abstract.

Wojtys, E., M. Jannausch, J. Kreinbrink, Sioban D. Harlow, and M. Sowers. 2015. "Athletic Activity and Hormone Concentrations in High School Female Athletes." Journal of Athletic Training, 50(2): 185-182. DOI. Abstract.

Fomby, Paula, Laurie James-Hawkins, and Stefanie Mollborn. Forthcoming. "Family Resources in Two Generations and School Readiness Among Children of Teen Parents." Population Research and Policy Review. DOI. Abstract.

Biemer, P.P., S. Eckman, B. Edwards, L. Lyberg, C. Tucker, E. de Leeuw, F. Kreuter, and Brady Thomas West. Forthcoming. Total Survey Error: Improving Quality in the Era of Big Data. Wiley.

Lavrakas, P.J., M. Traugott, C. Kennedy, E.D. de Leeuw, A. Holbrook, and Brady Thomas West. Forthcoming. Experimental Methods in Survey Research: Techniques that Combine Random Sampling with Random Assignment. Wiley.

Raykov, Tenko, and Brady Thomas West. Online Access 2015. "On Enhancing Plausibility of the Missing at Random Assumption in Incomplete Data Analyses via Evaluation of Response-Auxiliary Variable Correlations." Structural Equation Modeling, . DOI. Abstract.

West, Brady Thomas, James Wagner, Frost Hubbard, and Haoyu Gu. 2015. "The Utility of Alternative Commercial Data Sources for Survey Operations and Estimation: Evidence from the National Survey of Family Growth." Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 3(2): 240-264. DOI. Abstract.

West, Brady Thomas, and Frauke Kreuter. 2015. "A Practical Technique for Improving the Accuracy of Interviewer Observations of Respondent Characteristics." Field Methods, 27(2): 144-162. DOI. Abstract.

Raykov, Tenko, Brady Thomas West, and Anne Traynor. 2015. "Evaluation of Coefficient Alpha for Multiple Component Measuring Instruments in Complex Sample Designs." Structural Equation Modeling, 22(3): 429-438. DOI. Abstract.

Mitchell, Colter, Sara McLanahan, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Irwin Garfinkel, and Daniel Notterman. 2015. "Family Structure Instability, Genetic Sensitivity, and Child Well-Being." American Journal of Sociology, 120(4): 1195-1225. DOI. Abstract.

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