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Smock cited in amicus brief for Supreme Court case on citizenship rights for foreign-born children of unwed parents

Levy, Buchmueller and colleagues examine Medicaid expansion's impact on ER visits

ISR data show large partisan gap in consumer expectations for economy

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MiCDA Research Fellowship - applications due July 21, 2017

U-M awarded $58 million to develop ideas for preventing and treating health problems

Bailey, Eisenberg , and Fomby promoted at PSC

Former PSC trainee Eric Chyn wins PAA's Dorothy S. Thomas Award for best paper

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Group Learning Achieves Decreased Incidents of Lower Urinary Symptoms (Raghunathan), HHS-NIH, 2017.

A Randomized Evaluation of the State of Michigan's Community Ventures Program (Shaefer, Jacob), Gates Foundation, 2017.

Dyadic care for sero-discordant male couples (Stephenson), Mac Aids Fund, 2016.

Economic and Social Research Council Longitudinal Study Review (Davis-Kean), ESRC, 2016.

NEISS AIP Special Study Data (Savolainen), CDC, 2016.

Re-Inventing Measurement of Key Economic Indicators (Shapiro, Johnson), Sloan, 2016.

The Effect of Better Neighborhoods on Household Financial Well-Being and Access to Credit: Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment (Miller), Russell Sage Foundation, 2016.

Genotyping the Child Development Supplement to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID-CDS) (Sastry), Russell Sage Foundation, 2016.

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Household Economic Well-Being (Levy, Buchmueller), Russell Sage Foundation, 2016.

Adapting a Life Skills Application to Address Interpersonal Relationship in College (Stephenson, Kusunoki), Michigan State Police, Department of, 2016.

Effectiveness of a multi-sectoral intervention to prevent stunting in preschool-aged children in Madagascar, an observational open cohort study (Jones), Action Against Hunger, 2016.

The Cognitive Demands of Work and the Length of Working Life: The Case of Computerization (Willis), Sloan, 2016.

Enhancing the cardiovascular safety of hemodialysis care: a cluster-randomized, comparative effectiveness trial of multimodal provider education and patient activation interventions (Veinot), PCORI, 2016.

Secondary Task Prevalence, Odds Ratios vs. Relative Risk, Absolute Risk and Alternative Baselines in SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving (Elliott), Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, 2016.

Linking MET Teachers and Students in District-wide Data (Alter), Gates Foundation, 2016.

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