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Owen-Smith says universities must demonstrate value of higher education

Armstrong says USC's removal of questions from a required Title IX training module may reflect student-administration relations

Fomby finds living with step- or half-siblings linked to higher aggression among 5 year olds


PRB training program in policy communication for pre-docs. Application deadline, 2.28.2016

Call for proposals: PSID small grants for research on life course impacts on later life wellbeing

PSC News, fall 2015 now available

Barbara Anderson appointed chair of Census Scientific Advisory Committee

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The Truly Healthy Bladder: Understanding Normal As A Pathway To Prevention Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms In Women (Harlow), NIDDK, 2015.

Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Variation in Emergency Department Hospitalization Practices Across the United States (Norton), HHS-AHCRQ, 2015.

Testing a new approach to research on genetics, environment, family and mental health (Axinn, Ghimire), NICHD, 2015.

Economic History Association Editorial Support (Rhode), Economic History Association, 2015.

Role of Childhood Cumulative Risk in Substance Misuse and Co-occurring Problems (Savolainen), NIDA, 2015.

Bone Strength Through the Menopausal Transition: Trabecular Bone Score - UPitt Subcontract (Resubmission) (Harlow), NIA, 2015.

Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes (Ghimire), NICHD, 2015.

Evaluating the long-term effects of four War on Poverty programs (Bailey), Laura and John Arnold Foundation, 2015.

Dating and Sex After Divorce at Midlife (Armstrong), Templeton, 2015.

Trajectories of Nonmedical Prescription Drug Misuse (West), NIDA, 2015.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) (Ryan, Perron), Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, 2015.

Changes in Health and Longevity over the 20th Century: Evidence from North Carolina (Bailey, Bleakley), MiCDA, 2015.

The Effects of Collection Procedures on Telomere Length (Faul, Mitchell), MiCDA, 2015.

HIV prevention for male couples in Africa (Stephenson), Mac Aids Fund, 2015.

The Spirit of '96: Race and the Continued Evolution of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Shaefer), Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation, 2015.

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