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Groves keynote speaker at MIDAS symposium, Nov 15-16: "Big Data: Advancing Science, Changing the World"

Shaefer says drop child tax credit in favor of universal, direct investment in American children

Buchmueller breaks down partisan views on Obamacare

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Gonzalez, Alter, and Dinov win NSF "Big Data Spokes" award for neuroscience network

Post-doc Melanie Wasserman wins dissertation award from Upjohn Institute

ISR kicks off DE&I initiative with lunchtime presentation: Oct 13, noon, 1430 ISR Thompson

U-M ranked #4 in USN&WR's top public universities

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Muscle weakness among older adults: A silent epidemic (Clarke), MiCDA, 2016.

Adding Key Health Measures to the Housing and Children's Health Development Study (Raghunathan), RWJ, 2016.

Estimating Socioeconomic Disparities in Self-Rated Health (Xu), NICHD, 2016.

Transition to Adulthood within its Life Course & Intergenerational Family Context (Sastry, Schoeni, Axinn, Almirall, Bloome, Pfeffer, Fomby, Davis-Kean), NICHD, 2016.

Midwest Workshop on Big Neuroscience Data, Tools, Protocols & Services (Alter), NSF, 2016.

Demographic Patterns of Eugenic Sterilization in California: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Reproductive Control of the 'Unfit' (Stern, Harlow), NHGRI, 2016.

CNH-L: Land transactions and investments: Impacts on agricultural production, ecosystem services, and food-energy security (Brown), NSF, 2016.

ABCD Coordinating Center (Heeringa), NIDA, 2016.

Exposure to Multipollutants and Obesity, Type-2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome (Harlow), NIEHS, 2016.

SWAN Repository IV (Resubmission) (Harlow), NIA, 2016.

How Randomly Distributed Vouchers Affect Biology and Health (Raghunathan), NICHD, 2016.

Validation and Extension of the Michigan Barrett's Esophagus pREdiction Tool (M-Beret) (Raghunathan), Veterans Affairs, Department of, 2016.

A Longitudinal Study of Endocrine Disruptor Mixtures and Reproductive Aging (Harlow), NIEHS, 2016.

Adolescent Sexual Violence: A Longitudinal Examination of Outcomes and Risk (Kusunoki), NICHD, 2016.

Macroeconomic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Michigan (Levy), Commonwealth Fund, 2016.

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