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Frey comments on why sunbelt metro area economies are still struggling

Krause says having religious friends leads to gratitude, which is associated with better health

Work by Bailey and Dynarski on growing income gap in graduation rates cited in NYT


Find an innovative research Cube at the MCubed Symposium, Oct 9, register now

Martha Bailey and Nicolas Duquette win Cole Prize for article on War on Poverty

Michigan's graduate sociology program tied for 4th with Stanford in USN&WR rankings

Jeff Morenoff makes Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list for 2014

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Monday, Oct 6
Elisha Renne (Michigan)

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An innovative online video-based intervention for reducing psychological distress and promoting access to mental health care in employee populations (Eisenberg), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, 2013.

Implementing Health Plan-Level Care Management for Solo & Small Practices (Eisenberg), HHS-AHCRQ, 2013.

Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Demographic Research (Xie, Smith, Xu), NICHD, 2013.

Family Study of Risk for Alcoholism Over the Life Course (Schulenberg), NIAAA, 2013.

Relevance of Population Neuroscience for Understanding Human Development Conference (Schulenberg), SBCD, 2013.

Reciprocal genetic-environmental interactions during childhood and early adolescence (Mitchell), NICHD, 2013.

Monitoring and Assessing the Impact of Tax and Price Policies on US Tobacco Use (Johnston), NCI, 2013.

Do Grandma And Grandpa Matter? Uncovering the importance of the elderly for the socio-economic wellbeing of descendants (Pfeffer), MiCDA, 2013.

The Political Origins of Health Inequality: Political Parties and Infant Mortality (Geronimus, Bound, Rodriguez), Russell Sage Foundation, 2013.

Psychological Human Capital and Mortality across the Life Course: Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (Schoeni), MiCDA, 2013.

Statistics back end for Gates evalaution engine - Supplement (Hansen), Gates Foundation, 2013.

Health Services Research Training (Eisenberg), HHS-AHCRQ, 2013.

Innovation in the Measurement of Community Contextual Features (Ghimire), NICHD, 2013.

Landmark Spirituality and Health Survey (Krause), Templeton, 2013.

Longer-term Effects of New Jersey?s Graduated Driver Licensing Decal Provision (Elliott), Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2013.

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