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Thompson says America must "unchoose" policies that have led to mass incarceration

Axinn says new data on campus rape will "allow students to see for themselves the full extent of this problem"

Frey says white population is growing in Detroit and other large cities


Susan Murphy to speak at U-M kickoff for data science initiative, Oct 6, Rackham

Andrew Goodman-Bacon, former trainee, wins 2015 Nevins Prize for best dissertation in economic history

Deirdre Bloome wins ASA award for work on racial inequality and intergenerational transmission

Bob Willis awarded 2015 Jacob Mincer Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Labor Economics

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Monday, Oct 12 at noon, 6050 ISR
Joe Grengs: Policy & planning for transportation equity

National Children's Study

a PSC Research Project [ARCHIVE DISPLAY]

Investigators:   Daniel P. Keating, Michael R. Elliott

The National Children’s Study (NCS) is distinguished from all previous studies of child health by its size (N = 100,000), its depth of investigation (biological, social, environmental and clinical information) and most importantly, by its unique sampling plan. To achieve the NCS aim of obtaining a sample of US births that is representative of the nation’s population while also obtaining information available only prior to birth, the study will identify and study, in randomly chosen regions of the US (sampled segments within sampled counties), women of child-bearing age (WCBA) and will follow them from prior to conception through pregnancy to birth and thereafter. To ensure representativeness of the birth population, the study will attempt to ascertain all pregnancies and births occurring in the sampled segments even when the mother was not identified preconceptionally. Children of the identified pregnancies will be followed, in this first five-year phase of the NCS, until age 30 months. A comprehensive data collection protocol will accompany each phase of the life cycle covered by this study – pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood. The objective of this proposal is to implement the first phase of the NCS in the five Michigan counties selected for inclusion in the study. In this base proposal we describe our overall approach to the NCS in MI, and, more specifically, in our base county of Wayne (WC). In accompanying option proposals, we show how our approach can also be implemented in Genesee, Grand Traverse, Lenawee and Macomb counties.

The scientists submitting this proposal have been planning to conduct the NCS in Michigan for more than five years. In February 2002, a group of investigators from the institutions involved in this submission – the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), Michigan State University (MSU), the University of Michigan (UM) and Wayne State University (WSU), including WSU’s affiliated Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) and Detroit Medical Center (DMC) – met in Ann Arbor to consider the implications of the planned study for our state, and agreed to work collaboratively on the NCS when it was announced. We call this organization MANCS – the Michigan Alliance for the National Children’s Study. Nearly all members of the scientific team submitting this proposal have been involved in these planning efforts for at least four years (see Development of MANCS, p. 26), and several participated in NCS working groups. The three universities and HFHS account for 96% of all NIH funding in the state of Michigan, a total of over ½ billion dollars in 2006. Since the announcement of the sampling plan in November 2004, we have incorporated the health departments of the five NCS counties in MI into our planning efforts.

The basic assumptions utilized in developing this budget include the following. The UM Center for Human Growth and Development will be involved in the Developmental Assessment Core (DA Core) and the Survey Research Center will be involved in the Sampling, Enrollment and Maintenance Core (SEM Core) and which will carryout all sampling and most of the data collection.

Funding Period: 09/28/2007 to 09/27/2012

Country of Focus: USA

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