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Bound, Geronimus, et al. find estimates of decreasing longevity among low-SES whites sensitive to measures and interpretations

Thompson casts doubt on the rehabilitative intentions of prison labor

Inglehart says European social democracy is a victim of its own success

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U-M participants at PAA Annual Meeting, April 27-29

Heather Ann Thompson wins Bancroft Prize for History for 'Blood in the Water'

Michigan ranks in USN&WR top-10 grad schools for sociology, public health, labor economics, social policy, social psychology

Paula Lantz to speak at Women in Health Leadership Summit, March 24, 2:30-5:30 Michigan League

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Mon, April 10, 2017, noon:
Elizabeth Bruch

Trivellore Raghunathan photo

Validation and Extension of the Michigan Barrett's Esophagus pREdiction Tool (M-Beret)

a PSC Research Project

Investigator:   Trivellore Raghunathan

1) To compare the discrimination by the M-BERET to a conventional model utilizing only GERD symptoms for predicting the presence of BE and early neoplastic BE.
2) To compare the discrimination of BE by the M-BERET with and without the inclusion of information regarding circulating levels of leptin and IL-6, -8, -10, and -12p70.
3) To estimate the effects of psychological distress on the frequency of BE among patients with GERD symptoms inadequately responding to PPI.
4) To compare the discrimination of the M-BERET to a conventional model utilizing only GERD symptoms for predicting the incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma in a retrospective longitudinal cohort.

Funding Period: 05/09/2016 to 05/08/2019

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