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Recipients of PSC Small Fund Awards

Albert Hermalin Scholars Fund

Arland Thornton. Developmental Idealism. 2011-2012.

Arland Thornton. Developmental Idealism Workshop. 2010-2011.

Dirgha Ghimire. Small Grant to Enhance Social Science Research Capacity in Nepal. 2009-2010.

Eva L. Mueller New Directions in Economics and Demography Fund

Marshall Weinberg Endowment Fund

Marshall Weinberg International Travel Fund

Marshall Weinberg Population, Development & Climate Change Fellowship

Marshall Weinberg Research Fellowship

PSC Alumni Graduate Support Fund

PSC Initiatives Fund

Dustin Brown. Educational Spillovers and Adult Health in the United States. 2014-2015.

Patrick Coate. Proximity and Two-Way Intergenerational Resource Flows in the US. 2014-2015.

Jennifer S. Barber. The Potential for Teen Pregnancy Interventions via the Pharmacy. 2014-2015.

Arline T. Geronimus. Pilot Feasibility Study for R01 submission to test Jedi Public Health approach. 2014-2015.

Pawel Krolikowski. Measuring and Modeling the Experience of Displaced Workers. 2014-2015.

Jennifer S. Barber. Group-Based Trajectory Modeling of Pregnancy Desire in Young Adulthood. 2013-2014.

Elizabeth Eve Bruch. Asymmetrical Response to Positive and Negative Change in Neighborhood Composition. 2013-2014.

Jamie Budnick. Barriers to Mixed Methods Research: Non-heterosexual Behavior, Attraction, and Identity in Survey Research and Beyond. 2013-2014.

Jeffrey Morenoff, David J. Harding. Effect of Incarceration on Health. 2013-2014.

Amelia Karraker, Robert F. Schoeni. Psychological Human Capital and Health across the Life Course: Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. 2013-2014.

Yasamin Kusunoki. Relationship Violence: The Role of Dynamic Relationship Processes. 2013-2014.

Katherine Lin. Navigating the Boundaries of Work and Family as a Female Professional: Cohort Comparisons of the Experiences of Physicians. 2013-2014.

Colter Mitchell. Social Inequality and Telomere Length in Fragile Families. 2013-2014.

Javier Rodriguez. The effects of racial disparities in health and aging on the future racial composition of the electorate. 2013-2014.

Robert F. Schoeni. Historical Trends in Parental Financial Support of Young Adults. 2013-2014.

Jason Kerwin. Response of Malawians’ Sexual Behavior to Information about HIV Transmission Risks. 2012-2013.

Emily Merchant. Prediction and Control: Global Population, Population Science, and Population Politics in the Twentieth Century. 2012-2013.

George C. Alter. American Indian Demography and Reservation Settlement. 2012-2013.

Arland Thornton. Documenting Distribution and Trends of Developmental Idealism in Nepali Textbooks. 2012-2013.

David Mickey-Pabello. Unemployment and Post-unemployment Outcomes circa the Great Recession: The sequential link between unemployment and education. 2012-2013.

Kenzie Latham. Neighborhood Characteristics, Physical Activity, and Recovery from Mobility Limitations. 2012-2013.

Erin Linnenbringer. Examining Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Subtype within the Context of Neighborhood Social Environments. 2012-2013.

Lauren Nicholas. Long-Term Impacts of Medicare and Medicaid on Household Wealth. 2012-2013.

Akilah Wise. Situating Pregnancy Intention Status: An inquiry into the relationship between educational advantage, structural opportunity, and pregnancy planning. 2012-2013.

Jessica Wyse. Aging Prisoners Reentering Society: Individual, Social and Community-Level Determinants of Success. 2012-2013.

Jennifer S. Barber. Developmental Idealism in the U.S.: Acceptance among a Sample of Young Women. 2011-2012.

James Burke. Real World Outcomes after Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis. 2011-2012.

Neil Mehta. Contribution of Obesity to International Differences in Life Expectancy. 2011-2012.

Kristin Turney. Health Inequalities and the Reproduction of Disadvantage in Early Childhood. 2011-2012.

Megan Andrew, Margaret Hicken. Maternal and infant health in the age of (changing) segregation. 2011-2012.

Arland Thornton. Developmental Idealism. 2011-2012.

Cassandra Dorius. Family Instability from a Child’s Perspective. 2011-2012.

Shawn F. Dorius. National Prestige Score Data Collection. 2011-2012.

William H. Frey. PSC Media Outreach for Census 2010. 2011-2012.

J.J. Prescott. The Effects of Sex Offender Laws on the Sexual Health of Minors and on the Residential Geography of Crime Commission. 2011-2012.

Jennifer S. Barber. Developmental Idealism in the U.S.: Acceptance among a Sample of Young Women. 2011-2012.

Jennifer S. Barber. The Role of Violence in the Processes Leading to Unintended Pregnancy. 2010-2011.

Danya Keene. Public Housing Demolition, Relocation and Health in Atlanta, Georgia. 2010-2011.

Yasamin Kusunoki. Characterizing Young Women’s Relationship Experiences. 2010-2011.

Elizabeth Eve Bruch, Jeffrey Morenoff. Unpacking Trends in Neighborhood Poverty, Affluence, and Economic Diversity, 1970-2010. 2010-2011.

Amy M. Pienta. Retirement in the 1950s: Rebuilding a Longitudinal Database. 2010-2011.

Pamela Smock. Integrating U.S. Fertility Surveys. 2010-2011.

Kristin Turney. Mental Health Correlates and Consequences of Romantic Relationships from Adolescence through Early Adulthood. 2010-2011.

Yu Xie. Modeling Individual-level Heterogeneity in Research on Racial Residential Segregation. 2010-2011.

Emily E. Wiemers. The Effect of Economic Conditions on Young Adult Behavior. 2010-2011.

Meeta Sainju Pradhan. Proposal for Travel and Data Collection: Examining Social Exclusion of Caste and Ethnic Groups in Community Level Collective Action in Nepal. 2009-2010.

Jessica Wyse. Race, Gender and the Administration of Justice in theCommunity Corrections System: a Case Study. 2009-2010.

PSC Pilot

Yasamin Kusunoki, Jennifer S. Barber, Justin Heinze, Marc Zimmerman, Tom Reischl. The Effects of Community-Level Violence on Individual-Level Violent Experiences. 2014-2015.

Martha J. Bailey, George C. Alter, C. Hoyt Bleakley, Shari Eli, Margaret Levenstein, Adriana Lleras-Muney, Dean Yang. Pilot Study for Creating the Early Twentieth Century Intergenerational, Longitudinal Dataset. 2014-2015.

Alexandra Murphy, Alix Gould-Werth. Toward a Measure of Transportation Insecurity: Understanding the Relationship between Transportation & Social Inequality. 2014-2016.

Colter Mitchell, Christopher Monk. Population Neuroscience: A Pilot Project to Examine Poverty and Brain Imaging in Adolescence. 2014.

PSC-Ford Funds

Ronald and Deborah Freedman Fund for International Population Activities

Jeffrey Swindle. The impact of global and local institutions on Malawian's attitudes toward wife-beating. 2015-2016.

Mary McEniry. Cross National Data on Early Life Conditions and Older Adult Health in Low, Middle and High Income Countries: A Pilot to Extend the Scope and Usability of the RELATE Data. 2014-2015.

Ellen Compernolle. Remittances from an absent husband: The effects of international labor migration to the Persian Gulf on family dynamics in Chitwan, Nepal. 2013-2014.

Dirgha Ghimire. Capacity Building for International Social Science Research. 2013-2014.

Jason Kerwin. Effect of Income Timing and Structure on Savings and Consumption Behavior. 2013-2014.

Emily Ann Marshall. Variations in Reports of Fertility Preferences: Evidence from an Experimental Survey. 2013-2014.

William Story. A comparative approach to validating the measurement of social capital in Bangladesh. 2013-2014.

Hongwei Xu. Residential Segregation and Locational Attainments among Migrants to Shanghai: A Spatial Perspective. 2013-2014.

Yasamin Kusunoki. A Comparison of Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Young Women: Evidence from the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life (RDSL) Study. 2012-2013.

Shawn F. Dorius. Global Status Hierarchies (continuation). 2012-2013.

Prem B. Bhandari. Measurement of Remittance Use in a Remittance Dependent Economy. 2012-2013.

Caroline Sten Hartnett. Pregnancy Desires, Pre- and Post-Conception. 2012-2013.

Rebecca L. Thornton. Impact of Cash Grants among South African Youth. 2012-2013.

Fabian T. Pfeffer. Wealth and Opportunity in Sweden, the United States, and Germany. 2011-2012.

Arland Thornton. Demography, Family, and Developmental Idealism in the World’s Textbooks. 2011-2012.

Paul A. Burns. Intergenerational Linkages and AIDS: The South Africa Old Age Pension and Sexual Vulnerability Among Youth. 2011-2012.

Prem B. Bhandari, Dirgha Ghimire. Data Dissemination and Data Analysis Workshop in Nepal. 2011-2012.

David Lam, George C. Alter, Rachel C. Snow. Short course in analysis of census and survey data in Ghana. 2011-2012.

Keera Allendorf. Perceptions of Family Change and Marital Quality among Nepalis. 2010-2011.

Prem B. Bhandari. Research Capacity Building for International Social Science Research. 2010-2011.

Daniel G. Brown. Land Use Adaptation in Agro-Pastoral Communities on the Mongolian Plateau. 2010-2011.

Mark Padilla. Sexual Geographies and HIV Vulnerability Among Transgendered Sex Workers in the Eastern Dominican Republic. 2010-2011.

Arland Thornton. Developmental Idealism Workshop. 2010-2011.

Yu Xie. Support for co-hosting a conference at Renmin University at International Sociological Committee (RC28) on Social Stratification and Inequality. 2009-2010.

Deborah Lowry. Conference Presentation at the 2009 RC28 meeting in Beijing China, "The Role of Non-Cognitive Skills in Educational Achievement in Rural China. 2009-2010.

Jeffrey Morenoff. Economic Development and Changes in Crime and Risk Behaviors. 2009-2010.

Raj Arunachalam. Incentives for Life. 2009-2010.

Magdalena Cerdá, Jeffrey Morenoff, Ana Diez Roux, Luis Fernando Duque. Neighborhood transit-oriented development and health risk behaviors: using a social experiment to evaluate the impact of neighborhood change on health. 2007-2009.

Dirgha Ghimire, William Axinn, Stephanie Chardoul. Armed Conflict, Family Change and Mental Health. 2007-2009.

Rebecca L. Thornton. Menstruation and Education in Nepal: Follow-up Study. 2007-2009.

Emily Smith-Greenaway. School expansion and health in late life: Evidence from Nepal..

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