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Small Fund Recipients

Jennifer S. Barber
Prem B. Bhandari
Jay Borchert
Elizabeth Eve Bruch
Jamie Budnick
Siwei Cheng
Ellen Compernolle
Linnea Evans
Dirgha Ghimire
David J. Harding
Amelia Karraker
Jason Kerwin
Yasamin Kusunoki
Qing Lai
Katherine Lin
Emily Ann Marshall
Colter Mitchell
Jeffrey Morenoff
Javier Rodriguez
Nelson Saldaña
Narayan Sastry
Robert F. Schoeni
Sarah Seelye
Isaac Sorkin
William Story
Lori Wallace


PSC Small Fund Awards


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Pregnancy Desires, Pre- and Post-Conception (Hartnett), Freedman, 2012.

Examining Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Subtype within the Context of Neighborhood Social Environments (Linnenbringer), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2012.

Long-Term Impacts of Medicare and Medicaid on Household Wealth (Nicholas), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2012.

Impact of Cash Grants among South African Youth (Thornton), Freedman, 2012.

Situating Pregnancy Intention Status: An inquiry into the relationship between educational advantage, structural opportunity, and pregnancy planning (Wise), Mueller, 2012.

Aging Prisoners Reentering Society: Individual, Social and Community-Level Determinants of Success (Wyse), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2012.

Perceptions of Violence Against Women in Africa (Pierotti), Weinberg Research Fellowship, 2011.

The Opt-Out Continuation: Education, Work and Motherhood from 1984-2011 (Byker), Weinberg Research Fellowship, 2011.

Developmental Idealism in the U.S.: Acceptance among a Sample of Young Women (Barber), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2011.

Wealth and Opportunity in Sweden, the United States, and Germany (Pfeffer), Freedman, 2011.

Demography, Family, and Developmental Idealism in the World’s Textbooks (Thornton), Freedman, 2011.

Real World Outcomes after Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis (Burke), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2011.

Contribution of Obesity to International Differences in Life Expectancy (Mehta), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2011.

Health Inequalities and the Reproduction of Disadvantage in Early Childhood (Turney), PSC Initiatives Fund, 2011.

Job Seekers’ Survey (Murray-Close), Mueller, 2011.

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