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Small Fund Recipients

Jennifer S. Barber
Prem B. Bhandari
Jay Borchert
Elizabeth Eve Bruch
Jamie Budnick
Siwei Cheng
Ellen Compernolle
Linnea Evans
Dirgha Ghimire
David J. Harding
Amelia Karraker
Jason Kerwin
Yasamin Kusunoki
Qing Lai
Katherine Lin
Emily Ann Marshall
Colter Mitchell
Jeffrey Morenoff
Javier Rodriguez
Nelson Saldaña
Narayan Sastry
Robert F. Schoeni
Sarah Seelye
Isaac Sorkin
William Story
Lori Wallace


Kristin Seefeldt"The funds from the PSC small grant that I received were critical in helping me continue a project that has ended up being quite timely, given the recession. In 2006, Helen Levy and I started interviewing a sample of low-income women in Detroit to learn more about how poor families managed economically during an economic downturn. At that time, only Michigan was experiencing difficulties, although soon the rest of the country followed suit. I continued on with the study and have interviewed the women in the sample yearly since 2006. I used data from this study for two of my three dissertation papers."

--Kristin Seefeldt (Weinberg Research Fellowship fund recipient, 2009)
[Project Abstract]

PSC Training Funds

PSC offers trainee support via several small grants: the Freedman, Hermalin, Mueller, Weinberg Funds, Alumni Award, and the PSC Initiatives Fund.

Support from these funds is distributed via the annual PSC Small Grants Program.

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In addition, an assortment of government, foundation, and University funds are available to support trainees. Please see the UM Office of Financial Aid for more information.