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Kristin Seefeldt"The funds from the PSC small grant that I received were critical in helping me continue a project that has ended up being quite timely, given the recession. In 2006, Helen Levy and I started interviewing a sample of low-income women in Detroit to learn more about how poor families managed economically during an economic downturn. At that time, only Michigan was experiencing difficulties, although soon the rest of the country followed suit. I continued on with the study and have interviewed the women in the sample yearly since 2006. I used data from this study for two of my three dissertation papers."

--Kristin Seefeldt (Weinberg Research Fellowship fund recipient, 2009)
[Project Abstract]

PSC Initiatives Fund

Purpose: Using funds from the Grace T. Brown Endowment in combination with PSC overhead, PSC will provide a fund of up to $50,000 each year to support PSC researchers whose projects do not qualify for endowments targeted toward international projects. Priority will be given to domestic-themed projects and research.

Eligibility: PSC trainees (predoctoral students, postdoctoral fellows), and PSC Research Affiliates appointed prior to September 1 of the RFA year are eligible to apply.

Support: Applicable uses of funds include, but are not limited to: travel, salary support, data procurement, data collection, and coordination with colleagues, both domestically and internationally. Funds may also be used to support mini-conferences or workshops, or to provide student salaries for working directly with faculty on research projects.

Application Procedure: Small Grant RFAs are generally issued in December. To streamline the process of applying for PSC's six endowment funds, we use a single Small Grants Application Form for all funds. The PSC Advisory Committee evaluates all proposed activities and determines the most appropriate funding source for those accepted. For additional information, you can consult a list of funded activities in prior years.

Annual schedule:

Call for Apps Apps Due Awards Made Grants Begin
Dec 20 Jan 31 Feb 28 March 1