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Shapiro says Twitter-based employment index provides real-time accuracy

Xie says internet censorship in China often reflects local officials' concerns

Cheng finds marriage may not be best career option for women


Jeff Morenoff makes Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list for 2014

Susan Murphy named Distinguished University Professor

Sarah Burgard and former PSC trainee Jennifer Ailshire win ASA award for paper

James Jackson to be appointed to NSF's National Science Board

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PSC Brown Bags will return in the fall

Trainees on the Job Market

Sayeh Nikpay photoSayeh Nikpay

Health Policy and Economics

Mentor: Martha J. Bailey

Research: Health insurance, health economics, public health, and fertility, contraception, and sexual behavior

Jane Rochmes photoJane Rochmes

Public Policy and Sociology

Mentor: Jennifer S. Barber, David Featherman, David J. Harding

Research: race and ethnicity, education, inequality, and social policy

Jonah Siegel photoJonah Siegel

Social Work and Sociology

Mentor: David J. Harding, Jeffrey Morenoff

Research: crime and the criminal justice system, prisoner reentry, neighborhood environments, poverty and inequality, and policy development and implementation

Lori Wallace photoLori Wallace

Public Health

Mentor: Arline T. Geronimus

Research: Social, structural, and biopsychological determinants of mental health outcomes in minority populations, particularly in relation to trauma exposure, traumatic stress, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Geoffrey Wodtke photoGeoffrey Wodtke


Mentor: David J. Harding

Research: Stratification, poverty, public opinion, research methodology

Laura Zimmermann photoLaura Zimmermann


Mentor: David Lam, Dean Yang

Research: economic development and economics of family

Aditya Aladangady photoAditya Aladangady


Mentor: Matthew D. Shapiro

Research: housing markets, household balance sheets, and consumption.

Tanya Byker photoTanya Byker


Mentor: David Lam, Jeffrey A. Smith

Research: Labor Economics, Development Economics, Economic Demography

Jamein Cunningham photoJamein Cunningham


Mentor: John Bound

Research: Unemployment, poverty, and crime

Cynthia L. Doniger photoCynthia L. Doniger


Mentor: Matthew D. Shapiro, Robert Willis

Research: Search Theory, Macroeconomics, Labor Economics

Andrew Goodman-Bacon photoAndrew Goodman-Bacon


Mentor: Martha J. Bailey, John Bound

Research: labor economics, antipoverty policy evaluation, and determinants of poverty and income inequality

Qing Lai photoQing Lai


Mentor: Yu Xie

Research: Demography, life course, development, globalization, China, social stratification, quantitative methods, social psychology

Erin Linnenbringer photoErin Linnenbringer

Public Health

Mentor: Arline T. Geronimus

Research: Biodemography (more specifically, the interplay among social/structural factors, physiological stress response systems, and gene expression patterns); health disparities; breast cancer