Expungement of Criminal Convictions: An Empirical Study

Formerly incarcerated people who got their records expunged were more likely to stay out of trouble and get steadier, higher-paying jobs than those who did not.

International Women's Day at ISR

Women who Made HERstory at ISR

March 8 was International Women's Day. To celebrate, we highlight some of the women who have shaped ISR and the field of social research.

Grandparents give gift to grandson

Transmission of wealth across generations

Using PSID data, Fabian Pfeffer finds that grandparent wealth is a unique predictor of grandchildren's wealth, above and beyond the role of parent wealth, and that the advantages of family wealth begin early in life.

Toddler in shopping cart

Does the quality of mother-child time modify quantity in child development outcomes?

Using PSID data, Paula Fomby and Kelly Musick find that the development benefits realized by children spending time with their mothers do not vary by the nature of this shared time, as has been suggested by prior research.

Map of metro Detroit

DMACS builds partnerships, collects vital data in metro Detroit

Built upon the long-running DAS, the Detroit Metropolitan Area Communities Survey serves as a nexus for data gathering and analysis crucial to place-based investments, policies, and resource allocation in metro Detroit.

Michigan's Population Studies Center,

established in 1961, has a rich history as an interdisciplinary community of scholars in population research and training. PSC is one of five centers within the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research (ISR). More...

PSC receives core funding from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (P2CHD041028) and the National Institute on Aging (P30AG012846). The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA), which spurs new research on aging, and the Population Dynamics and Health Program (PDHP), which supports research in population health, are part of PSC.

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