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Current Population Survey, 1979 - 2006 [United States]: BLS Microdata: Outgoing Rotation File (NBER Merged Outgoing Rotation Groups)

Note to Users
Due to contractual reasons, these data are restricted to the PSC user community. PSC users may use the path information below to gain access to the data. If you are part of the PSC user community and have questions about accessing data, please contact the Data Services staff.

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: Current Population Survey, 1979 - 2006 [United States]: BLS Microdata: Outgoing Rotation File (NBER Merged Outgoing Rotation Groups)

Study #: 1131

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Publicly Available Documentation

Codebook appendices
BLS Codebook: 1978 through 1981
BLS Codebook: 1982
BLS Codebook: 1983
BLS Codebook: 1984 through June 1985
BLS Codebook: 1986 through 1988
BLS Codebook: 1989 through 1991
BLS Codebook: 1992
BLS Codebook: 1994 through Aug. 1995
BLS Codebook: Jan. 1998 through Dec. 2000
BLS Codebook: July 1985 through Dec. 1985
BLS Codebook: Sept. 1995 through Dec. 1997
Readme File
STATA: Race recode
STATA: 1986 Education Recode
STATA: 1986 Married Recode
STATA: 1987 Education Recode
STATA: 1987 Married Recode
User Notes

Data Files and Documentation Available only for PSC Users

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Codebook 2002 - 2005/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg-codebook02-05.pdf
Codebook appendices/usr/data/level2/documentation/s1131/docs/cpsapdx.pdf
Data: 1979 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg79.dta
Data: 1980 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg80.dta
Data: 1981 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg81.dta
Data: 1982 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg82.dta
Data: 1983 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg83.dta
Data: 1984 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg84.dta
Data: 1985 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg85.dta
Data: 1986 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg86.dta
Data: 1987 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg87.dta
Data: 1988 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg88.dta
Data: 1989 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg89.dta
Data: 1990 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg90.dta
Data: 1991 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg91.dta
Data: 1992 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg92.dta
Data: 1993 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg93.dta
Data: 1994 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg94.dta
Data: 1995 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg95.dta
Data: 1996 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg96.dta
Data: 1997 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/s1131_morg97.dta
Data: 1998 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg98.dta
Data: 1999 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/data/s1131_morg99.dta
Data: 2000 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg00.dta
Data: 2001 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg01.dta
Data: 2002 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg02.dta
Data: 2003 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg03.dta
Data: 2004 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg04.dta
Data: 2005 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg05.dta
Data: 2006 STATA system file/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/morg06.dta
Original BLS Codebook 1978 through 1981/usr/data/level3/data/s1131/docs/morg78.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1982/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg82.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1983/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/s1131_morg83.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1984 through June 1985/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg84.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1986 through 1988/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg86.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1989 through 1991/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg89.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1992/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg92.pdf
Original BLS Codebook 1994 through Aug. 1995/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg94.pdf
Original BLS Codebook Jan. 1998 through Dec. 2000/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg98.pdf
Original BLS Codebook July 1985 through Dec. 1985/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg85.pdf
Original BLS Codebook Sept. 1995 through Dec. 1997/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/morg95.pdf
Readme File/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/matching/readme.txt
STATA .do file: race recode/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/matching/docs/matching/s1131_race.do
STATA .do file: 1986 Education recode/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/matching/educate2.do
STATA .do file: 1986 Married recode/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/matching/married2.do
STATA .do file: 1987 Education recode /usr/data/level3/data/s1131/matching/s1131_educate.do
STATA .do file: 1987 Married recode/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/matching/married.do
Uniform Codebook/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/cpsx.pdf
User Notes/usr/data/level2/data/s1131/docs/s1131_usernote.asc

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