Data Use Condition Language for
Institute of Social Research-Population Studies Center

Terms of Use

Please read the terms of data use below. If you agree to them click on "I Agree" button to proceed. If you do not believe that you cannot keep within the data limits click on "I Do Not Agree" to return to spot at which you reached this form.

PSC follows the Data Seal of Approval which requires the consumer to comply with access regulations imposed by both law and data depositor. By continuing past this point to the data retrieval process you agree to comply with the requirements below:

Privacy of Research Subjects

Any intentional identification of a subject (whether an individual or an organization) or a unauthorized disclosures of his or her confidential information violates the promise of confidentiality given to the providers of the information. Data users agree to use the datasets solely for research or statistical purposes. Do not make use of the identity of any research subject (individual or organization)

Redistribution of Data

You agree not to redistribute data or other materials without written consent from PSC. You are collaborating with other authorized users to analyze the data for research or instructional purposes.

You agree to reference the recommended bibliographic citation in any publication that uses resources provided by PSC.


You acknowledge that the original collector of the data, PSC, and the relevant funding agency bear no responsibility for use of the data or interpretations based on such users.


If PSC determines that the terms of this agreement have been violated it will act according to our policy on terms of use violations.

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