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Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior, April 1996 [United States]

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Title:Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior, April 1996 [United States]
Study Number:1044
Catalog Date:09/26/2002
Abstract:This survey was undertaken to measure changes in consumer attitudes and expectations, to understand why such changes occur, and to evaluate how they relate to consumer decisions to save, borrow, or make discretionary changes. This type of information is essential for forecasting changes in aggregate consumer behavior. Since the 1940s, these surveys have been produced quarterly through 1977 and monthly thereafter. Each monthly survey probes a different aspect of consumer confidence. Open-ended questions are asked concerning evaluations and expectations about personal finances, employment, price changes, and the national business situation. Additional questions probe buying intentions for automobiles, the respondent's appraisals of present market conditions for purchasing houses, automobiles, and other durables, personal computing and Internet usage, and information concerning the family vehicle. Demographic information includes ethnic origin, sex, age, and education.

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