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Surveys of Fertility, Family and Family Planning in Nigeria

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Surveys of Fertility, Family and Family Planning in Nigeria
Study Number:109
Catalog Date:05/11/1998
Primary Investigator(s):Acsadi, Gyorgy T., Adenola A. Igun, Gwendolyn Z. Johnson
Access Restrictions:Yes
Abstract:The broad purpose of this survey was to gather baseline data, vital statistics (births/deaths), and demographic characteristics of the Nigerian population. Emphasis was on fertility behavior and prospects for change. Data were gathered on the following: births during a specific period deaths during a specific composition of the population according to sex, age, marital status, occupation, and education social and economic background knowledge and attitudes about contraceptives, abortion, child spacing, and different family sizes. Women in the reproductive ages gave marital histories and pregnancy histories." The original data file has 30 files. (The files are questionnaire and region specific.) The University of Pennsylvania merged the 30 files into one file. All 31 files are available for analysis.
Universe:Currently married women (as well as women in traditional or consensual unions or any other permanent, recognized unions) under 50 years of age and their husbands, irrespective of age.

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