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Household Agriculture and Consumption Survey, 1996: [Chitwan Valley, Nepal]

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Household Agriculture and Consumption Survey, 1996: [Chitwan Valley, Nepal]
Study Number:1094
Catalog Date:04/24/2003
Primary Investigator(s):Axinn, William G.
Abstract:This survey was designed to gather information about household farming practices and environmental perceptions and consumption in the western part of the Chitwan Valey in south central Nepal. Data were gathered through face-to-face interviews with household members. Respondents were asked to describe their farming practices, including the size of the land they farmed, how that land was irrigated, whether they owned or rented the land, what crops they grew, whether they used a tractor to plow the land, and whether they had livestock, including whether respondents raised animals and/or poultry, how manure was stored, whether the livestock were fed or grazed, how and from where fodder was obtained and transported, and how current practices differed from three years earlier. In terms of household items, respondents were asked to indicate whether they owned any of the following items and, if so, when they purchased them: radio, television, bicycle, motorcycle cart, tractor, irrigation pumpset, gobar gas plant, and assorted farm tools. Respondents were also queried on their drinking water source, including whether it could be used to obtain water during the dry season and how it was stored, whether they had a toilet, electricity, and heating sources in the home, and whether they had a toilet, electricity, and heating sources in the home, and whether they had ever borrowed money to purchase farm equipment. Individuals in households having a family member who had spent most of the previous six months away from home were asked where than person lived, why and for how long he/she had been away, and whether and how frequently he sent money home. Respondents' views on farming experiences were elicited, including how crop production, the use of chemical fertilizers, water table levels, and the quality of drinking water had changed over the past three years. Additional questions addressed use of firewood, including how and from where respondents obtained it, whether women and children collected it, and how the wood was transported home. Other questions focused on the threat to crops of disease, insects, birds, and rats, including how much damage had been sustained over the past three years, and whether and how often herbicides and/or pesticides had been used to control such attacks. Information on respondents' housing quality was also collected, including the kind of house, number of stories, and what materials the house, roof, and floor were made. Background information on respondents include gender, age, and marital status.
Universe:Households of western Chitwan Valley in south central Nepal. This was a stratified two-stage probability sample

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