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County to County Migration Flow Files, 2000

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:County to County Migration Flow Files, 2000
Study Number:1209
Catalog Date:09/15/2006
Abstract:The County to County Migration Flow files present mobility/migration data for various levels of geography and demographic, family, or household characteristics.
The Gross Migration Summary files contain counts of people 5 years and over, nonmovers, movers, inmigrants, outmigrants, and net migrants by geographic area. (US, Region, State, County, MCDs and individual metropolitan areas. Separate files were created for each geographic area.
The Gross Migration Summary by Sex, Age, Race/Hispanic or Latino files contain the same data as the Gross Migration Summary, but are further disaggregated by sex, age, race, and Hispanic or Latino.
The Gross Migration Totals by General Characteristics files provide counts of nonmovers, intracounty movers, and all inmigrants, outmigrants, and movers from abroad for each county by demographic, social, economic and household characteristics.
The County to County Migration Flows contain the number of migrants who moved between counties. Migration flow of at least one person was included in the file.
County to County by General Characteristics provide counts of migrants between counties disaggregated by the demographic, social, economic and household characteristics.
County to County Cross Tabs provide limited cross tabs of demographic, social, economic and household characteristics of movers for county to county migration flows.
MCD to MCD Migration by Selected Characteristics provide numbers of migrants between MCDs in the 12 states in which MCDs contain functioning governments. This is further disaggregated by age, race, household income in 1999, and household type.

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