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Vital Statistics: Death Files, 1998-2001 [United States]: North Carolina

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Title:Vital Statistics: Death Files, 1998-2001 [United States]: North Carolina
Study Number:1215
Catalog Date:01/29/2006
Source:ODUM Institute
Abstract:The North Carolina State Center for Health Services (SCHS) collects yearly vital statistics. This study focuses on deaths in North Carolina in 2001. Death is defined as the permanent disappearance of any evidence of life at any time after live birth. This definition excludes fetal deaths. The data kept for deaths includes the age, race, marital status, and sex of the individual; date, time, cause and location of death; and mode of burial.
The data is strictly numerical, there is no identifying information given about the individuals.
Universe:Deaths in North Carolina in 2001.

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