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Vital Statistics: Perinatal Mortality File, 1995-2002 [United States]

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Title:Vital Statistics: Perinatal Mortality File, 1995-2002 [United States]
Study Number:1216
Catalog Date:02/07/2007
Abstract:Perinatal Mortality Data from the National Vital Statistics System of the National Center for Health Statistics combine microdata from the Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set Period Data and the Fetal Death Data Set. Perinatal deaths refer to a combination of fetal deaths of at least 20 weeks gestation and neonatal deaths (under 28 days old). Because a relatively large number of deaths occur in the period immediately before and after delivery, this combined data set is useful in studying reproductive loss.

Demographic data include variables such as age and educational attainment of parents, marital status, live-birth order, race, sex, and geographic area. Health data include items such as birth weight, gestation, prenatal care, attendant at birth, and complications of labor and delivery. Geographic data includes state, county, and city of mother's residence and state and county of the place of birth. City and county data are available only for areas with a population of 250,000 or more.

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