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2003 National Survey of Recent College Graduates

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Title:2003 National Survey of Recent College Graduates
Study Number:1219
Catalog Date:07/19/2007
Abstract:The National Survey of Recent College Graduates (NSRCG) provides information about individuals who recently obtained bachelor's or master's degrees in a science, engineering or health field. This survey is also a component of the Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT), which provides data on the total number and characteristics of individuals with training or employment in SEH in the United States.

Key variables include: Academic employment, age, citizenship status, country of birth, country of citizenship, disability status, educational history, employment status, geographic place of employment, immigrant module (year of entry, type of entry visa, reason(s) for coming to U.S., etc.), labor force status, marital status, number of children, occupation, primary work activity, publication and patent activities, race/ethnicity, salary, satisfaction and importance of various aspects of job, school enrollment status, sector of employment, sex, and work related training.

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